Just in case you want some CNV Lemon Cream Wafer in the US

In case you hadn’t heard, Chemnovatic was unable to provide the GRAS for LCW, and it’s getting harder to find in the US. My previous two vendors stopped carrying it, and not wanting to import, it looks like DashVapes seems to have quite a BIT of Chemnovatic flavors, and I just re-stocked.

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I still move a LOT of it, mostly for this recipe.


Thanks for letting us know SD.

Hopefully those on the wrong side of The Pond all manage to restock.


For anyone that has not ever ordered from Dash, I can give you a code via PM for (I think it’s either $10) off. I don’t know if it works between countries, or if SD is aware, he could give you his code.

I have never done this before, and don’t even know my code. Gonna go look.

SD should also see ‘Referrals’ under his account.

How does it work?
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Where can I share my code?
You can share your code only in private. Any codes that are posted publicly online will be deactivated and any credits associated with that code revoked. We do not want the codes to be spammed online, provide them privately to your friends and family and you’ll both enjoy the perks.

I’m ready! How do I get credit for telling my friends?
Your referral code is (blanked). You can either provide the following link: https://www.dashvapes.com/ref/(blanked) or or have your friends / family enter your referral code on the checkout page (or mention it in-store for retail store purchases).

I personally don’t care if you want my code or his, but each one of you will get your own code


Thanks @big_vape, first time order for me from them, didn’t know about the referrals. I only wish they had 500ml bottles. :slight_smile:


Thanks for sharing! I bought a 120 before BCF stopped carrying it. Good info!


You’re very welcome @Lynda, and I hope it helps you. I am embarrassed to admit it, as I track my burn rates VERY closely, but I ALMOST got caught OFF guard, as I was running low on the LCW, and had someone put in a BIG order, and I was scrambling, hehe. Didn’t realize it was getting THAT hard to find. Stumbled across DashVapes, and made THAT problem go away. I do wish they carried some bigger jugs for the die-hards.


So CNV just happens to have the same names for the flavors as the Molinberry brand?


Not sure of this was already mentioned, but also try their diy only supply site at https://www.flvrs.co/us/


All concentrates come with that hideous labeling, and chubby gorillas. 30ml’s are in the tall skinny ones. Just saying.


Molinberry is a joint brand owned by SSA and Chemnovatic


I’ve got a long way to go in this DIY journey. Thanks for that knowledge.



Molinberry journey began in 2014 when first flavours were created upon our own business needs. Within short period of time, we thought it will be a pleasure to share our passion for flavour creation with others. And that’s how Molinberry Flavours grew the business throughout 70 countries in only 5 years’ time.

The owners

The brand is a joint effort of two companies: Chemnovatic & Sobucky.

While Chemnovatic takes care of entire production side and provides service to all manufacturers, Sobucky delivers service to wholesale customers, retail shops and runs Molinberry flagship store.

Both companies work together upon new flavours development, focus on new side of industries, create secure future.



Like I just mentioned to @fidalgo_vapes ^^^. Thank you!


Now if i can fi d a liter or 2 or Chemnovatic NIc id be happy , CNT and Chemnovatic becames my faves …CNT a touch more than Chemno


Did you get any nic from LIQ when you got the Oats and Rice? Have you made a recipe with the Peach yet? (pressure…), lol.
Sorry @fidalgo_vapes, that was insensitive of me, you had so much to deal with.


On the Dash Vape site, regarding the Real Flavors, how do you know if it is the (SC) or the (VG) version?


@KC111 with the available flavors they appear to be SC, BUT, always best to chat with them to verify.


It seems like the only SC flavor they have for sure is the Orange. Why am I even tempting myself again??? I’m hopeless.


No im fine…Lol i am here to get away from real life.I did get NiC from Hiliq , And No peach anything yet. i have so much Nic in freezer i font evwr need to buy anymore.

I do need to make something with Peach though and the Hiliq smells Greeeeaaat


That’s the only thing my freezer is home to…liters of nic lol too many most likely.