Just made a nice Strawberry Cupcake

So finally made a recipe that wasn’t one I got online! I generally make 30ml batches of flavor concentrate so that making juice later is much faster, plus it lets the flavors meld.

I have always loved breakfast cupcakes, and decided it was time to vape them.

Per 30ml flavor concentrate:

10ml TFA Vanilla Cupcake
10ml TFA Sweet Strawberry
5ml TFA Ripe Strawberry
5ml CAP Vanilla Whipped Creme

I am currently using this in ~9% flavor, & so far as a S&V its good. The strawberry is not as prominent as I would like, however from experience I know that it will be a lot more upfront in 3-4 days.

Home y’all enjoy it if you try it!


Is that supposed to be 10ml or 10% of flavoring? If it’s 10ml+10ml+5ml+5ml=30mls of flavoring are making a base?..to add of:big to your liking later?

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I was just going to ask the same… your using that as a flavour base not actually vaping pure flavoring right?

“concentrate” and he specifys that he makes 30ml batches to let the flavours meld but I had to read it twice to verify :wink:

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good catch Grubby I got to the as a shake and vape so far its good and got confused… more coffee needed for me… @Dan_ltz what flav percentage of this would you suggest.

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Sometimes us slow readers need a itty’bit of help with words. Lol.

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ill get my coat …


Interestingly… or not, I made this recipe Sunday to test strawberry potency, can you let me know if your strawberry comes through decently at 5%

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This is a recipe to make a 30ml bottle of flavor concentrate, sorry that I didn’t have that clear!

@Grubby my juice I run at ~9% (5ml per 30ml bottle of juice) and as a S&V it is there, but a little soft. In a few days of steeping the strawberry should be more prominent and ill update the post then :slight_smile:


Sorry about the confusion, I am currently using 9% flavoring.


I’m vaping my strawberry test and the strawberry is also there but very soft, ill let it steep a week and see.

Finger to Tongue tasting (FTTT) or (FTripleT) gives me a really tasty creamy strawberry but not when I vape it…

I’m thinking about lowering my VG to 60% as I have a strawberry breeze recipe that has an amazing strawberry flavour although the % of strawberry in that one is a lot higher

I know from my pb&j and unicorn milk recipes that strawberry takes a few days. I run as much vg as possible (usually 80-90%). I do know that sometimes strawberry recipes need a higher flavor % IMO.

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Are you simply “embracing your inner child” by eating cupcakes for breakfast? -Most of us would have used as just cause for celebration when we were 6! lol
Or is there a lingo gap that I’m missing? (ie: Cookie is to America, what Biscuit is to the UK/Italy/EU)


Growing up my family ate a ton of sweets, blueberry, strawberry, and peanut banana breakfast cupcakes were always my favorite (ate almost every day… same with deserts). So I decided that since vaping has kept me off of cigs and desert, I might as well break my last grip on breakfast cakes.