Just made my first batch..WAY too thick! lol

Just made my first ever batch and it is really thick to vape. It has a nice flavor, but I’m getting a headache trying to pull from it lol. I was hoping you fine people could help me out and point me in the right direction. :)…I’ll write below exactly what I did…Thanks!!

30ML (no Nicotine)
80/20 PG/VG
5% Menthol (liquid Barn)
5% Cherries (Inawera)

Mixed it together for 3 minutes, ran it under warm water for about 2-3 min, let it steep in a dark closet for 3 days, shaking and opening the cap twice a day

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80pg/20vg juice should be pretty thin… But regardless of the thickness of the juice it shouldn’t make it difficult to take a draw. Are you sure your air flow holes are open?


80 PG? 20 VG? Or vice versa?


What tank/atomizer are you using?

E-Liquid is not like a milkshake in a straw. The thickness does not affect the draw at all. It can affect the wicking leading to dry hits but thats about it. I would check to make sure your airflow is not blocked somewhere.


Definitely 80PG and 20VG, that’s why I was surprised it seems so viscous. I’m using a Halo Triton and also an Evic Supreme with Kanger Pro Tank…It’s pretty thick in both tanks. I thought maybe I didn’t steep it long enough? correctly?

Edit: I shouldn’t say thick, I just mean it’s just hard to pull from compared to the store bought Juice

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There has to be something amiss with your tank, even 100% VG would not affect the draw the way your describing.


Yeah I’m gonna have to try another tank and see if the issue persists. Thanks everyone for the advice!! Much appreciated!! :slight_smile:


I’m thinking its a tank issue as well. Seems odd that it does that in both. Only other thing I can think of is you might have gotten the bottles switched when mixing and actually made 80VG.

Is it possible that I used too much cherry flavoring? I put in 5%, but the recommended amount was 1%…perhaps it made to too syrupy?

For reals?
Your liquid has nothing to do with the airflow in your tank as people already have told you.

I’m getting a feel that this is a troll post and nothing else.

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Your recipe should look something like this

if it doesn’t you my have made an error with your amounts

Ok Chief, just looking for suggestions. I’m completely new to this.

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Duneatick, that’s exactly the recipe I did! I’ll just let it go lol…Hopefully my next batch will be better!

what made you do 80pg ??? arent most store bought juices 50/50 vg /pg then 70vg 30pg ??? im only asking because i dont buy store bought juice but when i did and when i go visit a friend who owns a store it seems that most are higher vg then pg

throat hit lol. I recently quit nicotine in my juices, so I wanted to see if I can create something with some punch. I’m an ex smoker, and that throat hit is important to me, keeping me off the cigs. I understand the higher the PG, the higher the throat hit. Plus, the menthol adds that nice little burn too. If anyone can recommend a recipe (nic free) that would provide superior throat hit, that would be great!!


I’m one of those Vapers that loves the throat hit as well. While I do use liquid nic, between 6mg and 9mg, in my juices… my throat hit and vaping enjoyment comes from naturally extracted tobacco eliquid (NET). It has kept me off the stinkies for years now, yet, I still get to enjoy a real tobacco flavor with my vape.

There are NET tobacco varietal blends which are hard hitting throat punchers, pleasingly sweet/gentle, and just about everything in between. And for the record, you don’t have to worry about the nicotine content in straight NET, because the final concentration of nicotine in NET is neglegable at best. However, you get pure tobacco flavor satisfaction. Win-Win! :sunglasses:


Awesome!! Thanks Kinnikinnick!! I will definitely have to check that out!


NETs do play havoc on your coils; thus, the need to learn the art of making/twisting your own coils, which is not hard to do :wink:… but, should you travel down that path, there are plenty of threads/information on RDA’s, RTA’s, wire, wick, and the proper way to obtain a splendid vape using them for your vaping pleasure. :grinning:


So I should probably learn to make the coils first, before I acquire a rich taste for those NET’s!! lol…This way I can see if it’s something that would work in my long term plan! :smiley: