Just Mixed another attempt at an original recipe

I am just getting more into creating my own original recipes and just mixed this one
any comments or suggestions on this recipe are very welcome…


Nobody made a comment, so I will! :joy::joy:
Looks good! The Vanilla Pudding It’s probably been your choice and I’m not arguing it, based on your profile what about a layer of Vanilla Bean IC with French vanilla. But only to strengthen the Banana layer…
If you want a stronger Lemon think about Lemon sicily rather then Juicy.

But we’re splitting hairs here! Well done! :+1:


Hey Frank
I agree with you… I did actual have French vanilla in this recipe, and changed my mind thinking it might be too much vanilla this was the first time I used the vanilla pudding so I wasn’t sure how much vanilla flavor it will have as far as the VBIC goes I love it and use it a lot and I just add some right now! (2%)
Thanks for your input I realty appreciate it!


I think the VP definitely helps to strengthen the body and thickness, so I agree with your choice rather then using meringue or marsh or similar, but it just might be a bit low on the Vanilla, there again we’re a bit fed up of vanillins sucralose and so forth, so it might have been a good choice, as I said we could go one way or the other, there 's no right path… :+1: