Just need a little tweaking help- Peppermint Dream

Hey wonderful vapers! Really happy with my first real recipie that I actually like. Here it is:

I about have it where I want it…but I feel it could use a bit more peppermint. I already am over the recommended median but have tested this with less and it didn’t work for me. So I am thinking of cutting the marshmallow down to maybe 2% but I love the texture and mouthfeel it is giving. This is creamy vanillaly tasting and not at all dry. Any suggestions?


You are probably headed in the right direction Peppermint TPA is pretty strong, I think you creams and marshmallow are probably muting it, A long steep might help.


Love it. I will put this new word in my dictionary. Brilliant!!

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Ha! Took some effort to get that through the spell check.