Just Purchased a Domain

I just snagged up www.wickedfog.com in case any of you were wanting it lol. There is nothing here yet. I just purchased the domain and hosting for now. I plan to some day sell my juice creations once I start getting good at this. And I have found it’s really hard to come up with a name for this stuff that isn’t already taken! I do web and graphic design on the side, so along with my vaping hobby, this should occupy the remainder of my free time. Anyone else have their own site? I would love to see them.


That takes me back to the days the Internet was new and you could get any name, like McDonalds. People made a lot of money selling it to the corporations when they finally caught on and wanted a domain :grinning:

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Yeah, now it’s second nature to reserve the doman before you create a company. I really wish I had thought to buy up a bunch of domains back in the day.


I got me a banner and bottle label started


How much does a domaine cost?

~$20 for a year