Just re coiled and wicked my vape but its acting weird

Like I said I just re coiled and wicked my mod but now it burns really easily. The only way I have found to make it better is dripping the juice directly on the wicks. My theory is that I just need to make the juice from the tank flow better into the wicks but I’m not sure how to do it. Should I pull the wicks further out of the holes or push them further in? Please help

what are you using and vaping ??

Kangertech subox mini and some homemade juice

ive never had any problems with that tank. maybe you have to much wick in there

Sounds like you have a short!

If your ohms are jumping around you def have a short, but if not, it might be the wicking.

It doesn’t have to be super thick, and you don’t want it too compressed. Your cotton just needs to cover the holes, it doesn’t need to feed thru the holes.

I trim mine a bit shorter than this guy, but this is a good vid.