Just read this Michigan



Just caught that too. Evidently that lit the fuse on the Empress’s tampon. She is already decreed she will fight this in a higher court. There are more suits to come. Shops are going to get repetitive muscle strain yanking things on and off the shelf.


Also just heard on nyc local news 30 of 51 councilman are in favor for flavor ban


Not really a laughing matter, but that line is hilarious lol


So everyone and their uncle, in NYC or not should be contacting those council members to let them know how wrong they are. Remind them that tourism is important to the city and vapers world wide might think twice about going there.

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If i was a business I would be looking for ways to sue everybody the FDA, CDC , Administrations … There ban and misinformation is the cause of people losing their livelihood …im not in favor of lawsuits ( frivolous ones) in this case where thousands of businesses close with a stroke of a pen is crazy


It looks to me like NYC Councilman Mark Levine’s desires, bolstered by a NYC anti-vaping protest that took place on October 15 is getting some of the local and national media (although not very many) to “carry his rhetorical water” where it comes to one of his pet co-sponsored bills. This lone (print) article found is titled:

Flavored vape ban expected to pass city council …”,

… where that ominous and bold sounding prediction appears to be based upon nothing more than:

… member Levine said that he expects the citywide ban to become law “well before” the year is over.

Two proposed bills (Int 1362-2019 and Int 1345-2019) were introduced, and to some extent considered (but were placed on “laid over” status by legislative committees early in 2019 - with no formal, documented legislative consideration or activity appearing in Council records since that time).

The first (“This bill would ban the sale of flavored electronic cigarettes, and creates an assumption that any retail dealer in possession of four or more flavored electronic cigarettes intends to sell or offer for sale flavored electronic cigarettes.”) had 26 sponsors on record. The latter (“This bill would ban the sale of menthol, mint, and wintergreen flavored cigarettes.”) had 33 sponsors on record.

The NYC Council has 51 voting members. The Council thus could have, had they chosen to passed both of the above cited bills at that earlier time (in early 2019) - but for some reason(s) have so far not done so.

It may be that (some) council-members like to appear to support legislation that they would not in reality actually pass, and/or they may (possibly) be watching the outcome of state-level ban litigation - so as to formulate bill language that is based upon, and/or supplements court ordered outcomes regarding state-level activity (surrounding veracity of “emergency” rules, and/or new statutory laws enacted by state legislatures).

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Agree. Love part of the judgement referring to the situation being ignored for over a year and now it’s suddenly an epidemic. Put’s the cause right back in the Empress’s lap where it should be.


Yes wasn’t that just sweet. But I see other things that go to @fidalgo_vapes statement. One of the Plaintiffs, Slis, has already lost his business and the judge determined a likelihood that he would prevail on that basis alone. He operated a legal business and then wham, the ban, so he has suffered a monetary loss that in no way was his fault. The Court:

“The Court of Claims is a court of statewide, limited jurisdiction (PA 164 of 2013) to hear and determine all civil actions filed against the State of Michigan and its agencies. These cases include highway defect, medical malpractice, contracts, constitutional claims, prisoner litigation, tax-related suits, and other claims for money damages.

I think the judge sent a clear message to state government that they will have to pay for putting all these people out of business. There are 4 judges appointed directly by the Mi Supreme Court so overruling them is pretty unlikely.


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