Just started mixing , and its an addiction lol

Smoking for 38 years “Since 11 years old” , Never planned on packing up “Still don’t feel I have lol” even though its been 4 months since I had a drag of a ciggie, went onto a vape just to assist me with smoking " cuz I had a chest infection cuz of flu" , missed one day without a ciggie and thought im onto something here.
had 1 ciggie in 3 days then went out with the lads and had 4 ciggies in one night and I was disgusted with my self and “THAT WAS IT!” Haven’t had one haven’t missed one . It don’t matter how much anyone moans at you for smoking , you have to be disappointed with yourself to quit.

All the flavours I brought left a perfume tast in my mouth until and started on one called Trilece and enjoyed it until it became hard to get so I invested £100 in ingredients PV,VG,72% nicoteen and 14 flavours and I am a mixing fanatic, now I have bottles mixed and seeping " My son loves his freebies and it saves a fortune, I love it, sucking on my smok alien like its a respirator lol,

Something tells me joining here will be an expensive membership in buying flavours lol but it is still cheaper than ciggies so what the hell
"So Hello To My Fellow Vapors And Frankinstein Recipe Inventors"


Yes and yes! Welcome to the rabbit hole my friend. :rabbit:


When I started mixing I had three juices I wanted to be able to mix. Partially because the company I bought them from was going out of business. I had become friends with the owner on another forum and he was kind enough to let me use them. It would only take 12 flavors to make those. I now have about 125 flavors, I buy my vg by the gallon I buy small on the nic cause we vape 3mg. I’m part of the testing panel for Nicotine River. they are implementing the Purilum Brand. If I count the sample bottles I have right at 200. They call me a light weight.


Spend the time to do some reading. You’re chances of successful mixing and not wasting money increase substantially when you soak this in…


I can’t stop. Maybe I have to … oh my, the washing machine is off balance.:laughing:


Great attitude, you get it. Now if we can bottle it and sell to our love ones.:grinning:

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Welcome @Ragz67!!

Congrats on making the switch, and as VapeyMama implied, flavors are one hell of a rabbit hole! Nevermind the hardware. Lol

ProVapes dropped some good starter links, but also, don’t gloss over the segment included in one of those as to our resources. There are not only some good discount codes, but pointers as to some great vendors to choose from.

If I could add one note, it would be "Don’t let ‘more expensive flavors dissuade you’. Most beginners (myself included when I was new) tend to play it safe, and start with TFA (The Flavor’s Apprentice), FW (Flavor West), etc. The “problem” is, most typically use those anywhere from 6% to 12%. The higher cost of “premium brands” (Inawera, FlavourArt, etc) quickly turns into the more cost effective choice since you’re using lower percentages (1% to 3%). Though it’s noteworthy to mention that each brand has their exceptions. Some flavors are must haves regardless of manufacturer. Others are must avoids AT ALL COSTS. lol

Regardless of all the wonderful insight and information contained herein, remember that while helpful, they’re only a set of educated/informed opinions, the final word is always your own taste buds. But there’s a LOT of great info IF you do your reading that will help you minimize your “bad luck” in purchases.

Glad you found your way in, and stick to it! It’s both rewarding and enjoyable!


We can’t sell it to our loved ones?? I do… my nephew’s ask me to mix this or that… I just put in my line up as I am mixing for myself. They are at 0 nic where I am at 3mg and the supplies do cost me so I charge them 3€ for 50ml. Now if I have what I think flop but find a friend that likes it which and give it a new home… better than down the drain. :grinning:


the 72mg nicotine is being replaced with 20mg nicotine in 10ml bottles, and obviously it’ll get more expensive. if you still have the chance, stock up on the last stock of 72mg that some vendors still have. This month is the last it’ll be available.


Myself I have only been able to get my hands on 48mg bunker base so I grabbed the last 5 they had. I’m at 3mg and testing myself on 1,5mg to see if I can get by. I have only been cigarette free for 43 days so we will see. But my local shop has a shipment of premixed 70/30 6mg coming in on Monday and are setting 3 aside for me so I can dilute it down to 3mg or lower… so yes I’m making a stash :grin:


While stock lasts… http://www.darkstarvapour.co.uk/shop/72mg-nicotine?___store=darkstar_en
Good nic, good price and 72mg in either PG or VG (I always used the VG and it’s excellent stuff)

I don’t recommend getting premix with nicotine in. Every recipe asks for different amounts of flavor, ranging from 2% to 20% and more. This is going to affect the end result with nicotine and pg/vg ratios. If you don’t mind, that’s fine, but I like some consistency in my vape.
You can dilute from 6mg to 3mg, but why bother with all the calculations. Just get some VG, some PG and some nic separately, feed it in ELR and let it do the calculations for you.


I think I would’ve liked to spend the '60s and '70s with you lol

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Thanks for the link but I live in Germany and have heard we cannot get Nic. shipped to mainland EU. Please correct me if I am wrong.

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Unless Germany has very specific laws about nicotine, it shouldn’t be a problem. It’s a product for personal use that is shipping within the EU. It shouldn’t be a problem. They do ship to Germany, maybe ask someone who has more knowledge about the local laws.


I think @Norseman can answer this for you


ROFL Thanks! That’s a compliment!


Importing Nic after May 20 shouldn’t be a problem as long as it doesn’t get caught by customs. Not sure at this point if customs will help enforce the TPD regulations or not but for a while after the 20th at least it shouldn’t be any issues. If the company that send the Nic can label the package VG theres not gonna be any problems at all.

The biggest problem as i see it is to get high mg Nic since there isn’t gonna be anything available within EU so if you are ordering anything it has to come from the US or Asia.

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Just talking about 72mg nic coming from within the EU (UK)
@Ninatoad Contact Darkstar and ask if they can label it properly as VG, they’re nice people, shouldn’t be a problem.

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They don’t ship to Germany so that’s not gonna happen.
Edit! At least they didn’t last time i checked with them.

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