Just starting mixing

Hi All,

I’ve decided to take the plunge and start making my own eJuice, this should be here by the weekend so I plan on making 2 different flavour. Now my questions are - with the pre mixed base I’ve ordered I have no idea how to calculate it as ive ordered 250ml of pre mix but I selected 3MG and cant for the life of me figure out how to input this in the calculator I normally have 3MG on all of my juices so I might just be being stupid!

Any Advice on starting off for a complete noob would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

u have the base to what u want then all u need to do is add the % of flavoring. IE.kiwiberry may be 10% so just add 10% of your total volume u want to make, 30 ml would be 3 ml flavoring

i looked and both flavors must be weak, calling for 15-20 % alone so id try that 1st and might have to up it since u are high vg

Please read this, it may be a ton of help…


That was a good post and a lot of good info

As there is no option for pre-mixed base set up the calculator as 0mg and max vg

base liquid = VG dilutant


I like this calc: https://ecigvape.com/e-liquid-calculator-with-pgvg-adjusting
Find it a little more definitive for me.
Hope this does not confuse and NO! your not being stupid, your being smart.


Thank you guy so much for the replies! I’ll check all of these out when I get home from work, my kit should be here tomorrow so looking forward to dabbling in it. Also what does breathing and steeping mean? I imagine for names sake that breathing is leaving the bottle open and steeping is just leaving it untouched?

Also, the base mix that includes nicotine I have ordered in 3mg, will this mean that I will not be able to make 3Mg strength liquid? Again probably being stupid I’m unsure how it works in a mix should have probably ordered seperate!

You are correct with your definitions although some like to shake a steeping mix. I prefer to let steeping mixes lie (see what I did there lol)

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Personally, I would definitely recommend a set of scales. This one is popular as the auto-off is able to be disabled and it comes with calibration weights. They are at amazon, ebay whatever you prefer.


Just makes mixing easier, mind you some just prefer doing it by volume, but most by weight.

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The nicotine level will be less than 3 % when you add your concentrates to your 80/20/3 base, that is correct.

I don’t see why you are advising him to get scales on his first attempt at mixing. You can clearly see he has just purchased all the bits to mix by volume and he is only mixing one shot mixes,

Maybe it would have been a good idea to read his post and answer one of his questions rather than just giving an opinion on an unrelated topic

No, your not being stupid ! all the calculations are confusing when you first start.

The Drip Hacks Green Slush is recommended to be mixed at 15% so once mixed will the liquid will be 2.55mg

http://www.percentage-off-calculator.com/percent/15-percent-off-3.html ( % calculator )

Read through the post that ozo sent you a couple of times it covers basically everything you need to know :slight_smile:

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I’ll admit a missed the one shot mix stuff, never seen it before. So yes your right. Ignore my post OP. Maybe when you get into flavour concentrates.

I don’t understand how you even CAN mix by weight. All the calculators I’ve ever seen call for mixing by volume and not weight. Is mixing by weight better than by volume? And if so, how do you switch over to measuring by weight?

I know you’re not asking me… :wink: but on the elr calculator you can choose the settings to be able to measure by weight. Tbh for you just starting out with one shot flavors it won’t make a huge difference to use scales. Like @Volition said, maybe look into it when you’re going to mix some juice with several flavors. You can be just as accurate with syringes if you’re using them right as you can be with scales, but the biggest pro (imo) with scales is it makes measuring out bunch of flavors super quick and there’s basically no cleanup besides putting your supplies away.


Thanks VapeyMama. Mixing combinations of flavors is exactly what I’m starting to do.
I never really explored what the elr calculator could do, I had no idea that you could change the measurement setting to weight instead of volume.
So Thanks for that info too !

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My bad…I totally mixed you and the op up!
So yes in that case I definitely recommend trying out a scale! :grin:


It happens :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Also thank you for the info I’ll look into it once I’ve made a few batches and decide if I’ll continue mixing! My stuff should be here tomorrow/Friday :grin:

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