Just wanted to share my creation with all you fine folk!

I’ve been flirting with the idea of building a monster shelf to hold all my juice. I built this thing with $40 bucks worth of materials from Home Depot. I needed a 4’x4’ piece of 1/4’’ plywood underlay (for the shelfs) and a 2’x2’ piece of particle board for the “stringers” and sides, a small bottle of wood glue, a small bag of 1/4" wooden dowels and a hand full of finishing nails. Of course my trusty Skilsaw came in handy :smiley: . I cut all the stringers with a slight angle on them to stop the bottles from falling forward off of the shelf. I’m pretty happy with it. All in all about an hour and a half from start to finish, I also have enough materials left over to build one for a buddy of mine who is a DIYer as well.


Very nice system , I like how it is still easy to read the labels behind the other bottles!


I would suggest that you might consider putting a brace under each shelf. It might keep them from bowing down over time. Just run a 1 by 2 under each one, glue and nail, staple or screw it on. How many bottles you got there anyway just out of curiosity?

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Rainman says 247. :nerd_face: Totally 247


I did think about putting 2 stringers spaced evenly, but I went with one. The bowing doesn’t bother me much. I wanted to keep the weight as low as I can. My guess is about 200 bottles give or take.

Excellent idea!

And I’m jealous. I’d bet my piles of scrap wood, table saw, and drill press would make this easy.
But building it would take time away from mixing… Argh.


But a well organized stash would make mixing quicker!

… at least it would if yours is as poorly organized as mine (this clump of bottles is FA, that clump is TFA, the ones over in that pile are FW, etc)


I never thought of organising based of manufacturer, I always set them based on their flavour type. I think a 2 hour investment in time would save a good amount in the long run. I have a bad case of mixers block right now, so I had the spare time to think while i worked on this.

Great looking set-up.

I think I spy a Wotofo Ice Cube there as well, my favorite RDA for testing flavor.

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Very nice!

Is that an iTaste VTR box I spy in front of it?:slight_smile:

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yeah it is hahaha. I just kept the box for holding my 10ml tests

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I’m vaping on an Ice Cube right now…lol. Got some Medicine Flower Caramel with Glazed Donut - Capella ect in it.


Nice Rack…

Jokes aside - What labeling system/templates are you using. I have approx. 60+ flavors from various vendors, most in glass containers, stored in a dresser drawer w/circular labels on top of the 1" caps, in alphabetical order.


I order from a Canadian vendor called diy Flavours. They order in bulk and relabel smaller bottles, so all of the labels come from them. I hope I’m understanding the question correctly. Cheers

Kudos my friend!!!

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Very nice job I like it
I made a small one last weekend probably have 100 to 120 flavors helps a lot to stack and organize them

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