Just what I need

I almost spat my coffee out when I saw this…

It might LOOK like a pipe stuck in a bucket of commercial waste for $AUD470, but reaaally, it’s a powerful tactical positive orgon generating dimensional weapon: to stop the reptilian overlords invading.

Bargain! :alien::bomb::boom:

Edit: My bad - I got the ‘devices’ mixed up: this one removes chemtrails from the sky, flying lizards

That seller has a bunch of ‘devices’ like this that do all kinds of things including a plastic triangle with scrap metal inside called a “cloud buster” that, removes clouds - assumedly …to stop the alien lizard men hiding their mother ships.

No matter how hard I browse though, I’m legit disappointed to find there’s no tin-foil hats for sale at all :thinking:


Oi! Somebody ripped off my idea!
I thought making money off idiots was a bad thing but hey, they’re asking to be ripped off, aren’t they?


Honestly, I thought I’d seen the depths of how silly people could be with so many other examples online…

Ask me HOW I ended up stumbling upon such an obscure seller, selling such ridiculous items online?


The Amazon algorithms know you well…


Listening to Sword & Scale when I figured I’d try some new serialized podcast about people who turned into scumbags or criminals by accident - simply by being opportunists…

The first season is about this Sherry Shriner who just invented her own religion and started a cult online.

I google the women’s name and there it is: a link to another opportunist selling junk metal and cheap crushed semiprecious gems in resin set in ice cube trays

MOST alarmingly, there are people who have actually bought these clumps of plastic!

AND left 5 star reviews!

“Orgon Warriors”, they’re called - these sad, gullible fools who follow this ‘religion’ :slight_smile:


Google :slight_smile:

There’s so many rocks on the net you can lift up and find something you never wouldn’t imagined even existed, does exist.

9/10 there’s no benefit whatsoever to learning what’s under all those rocks either because it’s usually just garbage of one kind or another.

Though sometimes you get lucky and find something at least mildly amusing, …like the fact somebody is selling clumps of magic plastic for hundreds of dollars to absolute morons :slight_smile:

That’s more interesting than the woman who started the orgon cult OR the cult itself, really.

Cults are old news these days.


Well hell no!
You think he’s gonna part with the one thing that’s guaranteed to keep him safe??!

You don’t have enough gold-pressed latinum pal! :rofl:


Hahaha. Stupid humans!


Hey…we are DIY’ers. We can make our own tin-foil hats when we need them. :upside_down_face: