Juul Soon to Be Ordered Off the Market by FDA, WSJ Reports

They are at it again:

Any thoughts???

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We could ban all bathtubs, folks keep slipping in them.


Buy Alteria. 9.78 %. Dividend every 3 months. Upside in the future. Their Juul holdings have been written off already. This is one over sold stock.


If you can’t beat em, join em. LOL!


Have owned Altra for over 40 years when they were PM. It’s a grow slow stock. One of the best investments I own. More than tripled my investment with splits and spinoffs and compounding. Will buy more before the weekend. Right now ( at today’s close they are paying higher rates higher than Government inflation bonds.
People are going to smoke and drink recession or not. Always Invest blind. Company pays a $3.60 dividend that is covered by cash flow. They are projected to raise their dividend 6% before their next dividend. They are a dividend king (over 50 straight years of increasing dividends).


FDA.gov: FDA Denies Authorization to Market JUUL Products | FDA.
FDA Denies Authorization to Market JUUL Products | FDA


And the game’s begin.


I do feel Juul is being judged differently than VUE and other vape company 's. Even if Juul wins this court battle you better believe this goes to higher courts. The government is not going lie down on this. Only way Juul wins this is to get the control of nicotine out of FDA control. That’s a big ask.


This is going to be a knock down drag out battle.


Wouldn’t it be something if this were to lead to an enlightenment of what the US government did to the entire vape industry, it’s citizens, and the resultant ‘domino effect’ to the rest of the world. Ignoring a much safer alternative to combustible cigarettes in order to profit from the well studied, extremely deadly traditional tobacco combustible cigarettes. Blood money, plain and simple.


Let me adjust my tinfoil hat here.
This story starts with Alteria negotiating with the FDA to get permission to buy a part of the Juul when Alteria realized their Mark 10 vape stick was failing in the market. Gotlieb and Alteria come to an agreement after about six months of negotiation with Gotlieb knowing he was about ready to leave the FDA to join Pfizer in two Three months which sells multiple cigarettes cessation products.
After the deal is done Alteria announces they are taking Mark 10 off the market. Gotlieb blows up after the Mark 10 announcement. Too late to change the deal between the FDA and Alteria because a deal has been signed.
Just before Gotlieb leaving office a survey is released that Children are vaping in schools to get the nicotine rush. Juul becoming the evil nicotine distribution system to the children.
This theory of mine is fiction till proven otherwise.


There is no Tin Foil hat with this one, I watched it unfold.

Altria (aka Phillip Morris) owns Juul.

Juul was an atttempt to build an estabilished name in the vaping industry.

Their own sales people gave a speech in a high school where they were promoting to students there how great vaping is with flavours.

Then comes the paren’t that attacked Juul and Vaping as a whole, there was a lot of IP Theft at the time, it was fuel for the fire.

Tobacco didn’t care to make it with Juul regardless, or else they wouldn’t have done any of that to remain competitive, despite being the more popular brand due to advertising and ad generation.

Juul made Salt Nic Popular - This was/is designed to give people a bigger rush from vaping, the buzz like you would when you went without a cigarette for awhile. The buzz, rush of dopamine makes people addicted more so to nicotine and at levels higher than what should be normal, it makes it horrible to quit.

They know the people will want that rush, you see it here in canada when they capped it at 20mg… People all over are freaking out, can’t handle 20mg right off the bat, a lot went back to smoking.

Philip Morris makes a lot more off of tobacco sales. Juul was estabilished to hamper the industry and make it look like Vaping is the same as smoking due to their affiliations.

Things like this were made apparent when studies on which states started banning vaping and who also were recieving the most money from the MSA funding that tobacco companies paid to operate.

Evali was another story, if you were following that… The “Make vaping stop” pictures were posted, but keen vapers had found those same images of a person holding a sign with black rings under their eyes, holding signs with strong messages to “End Vaping” were photoshopped as that same person was on a stock photography site with normal looking skin.

Or the actors giving interviews in hospitals but wasn’t told not to make an Instagram post of him out hanging out with his buddies the day of his, what looked like death bed in the hospital.


Not to mention, the FDA took it’s time, waiting till deadline day to review the PMT Applications to approve vape products from all the small companies in the US…

55K+ were denied

The approved ones were companies with ties to Tobacco.


Purilum (Who made flavours for said companies)

Vuse, Juul, Blue… All approved products and liquids.

But you can’t be obvious and allow them to operate with flavours, so you “penalize” them in order to make it seem like they’re apart of the industry accepted by vapers.

Not true.


They don’t need vaping or nicotine to have a good name, the stigma is there and it’s a negative one.

Reputable companies are coming out with studies, despite of this misinformation, however.

But the damage has been done, the progress made was progress lost and Tobacco companies know that people with the taste for high nicotine products will keep buying.

Lowering the Nic Concentration in cigarettes, there’s many other addictive chemicals in them… Lowering the cost and nic content will just increase usage.

Making sense now?


All schools took payment for those speeches. High school students are marketed to everyday by the drug industry. I have not seen one drug having to explain their existence. Products like Chantix do more harm than good.

This statement is strange to me. I have never seen any company put five billion dollars into a acquisition and give up as stated and don’t understand your point. Juul never gave up anything that was not mandated by the FDA.

54 mg nic is nothing more than scientific equivalent than pack of 20 cigarettes at the rate of 3 mg nicotine per cigarette allowing a 2 ml cartridge the equivalent of two packs per cart. Other cartridges at different levels are sold. Never understood the vaper who vapes 3 to 4 bowls at 6 mg/ml and not realizing they are vaping the equivalent of two packs a day.

Yep and had nothing to do with vaping any non THC products. The anti vape took advantage and the FDA did nothing to stop associated nicotine related vape products.

Juul has been punished and fined for past transgressions. The government attacked all vape products ( hardware or any nicotine related products). Nicotine is the most studied chemical in the FDA arsenal before and since the tobacco settlements of decades past. The worst they can come up with is restricts blood flow. Studied through out Europe for decades have shown that vaping is 95% safer than combustion of leaf yrt the US has to reinvent the wheel with studied either paid for anti smoking groups that funnel money to pacs or manipulate studies. Big tobacco may be your antagonist, I don’t see it that way. They see the writing on the wall for leaf products and are shifting stradagees. What is worse is the FDA pushing people into combustible tobacco products so they can collect a tax. The FDA is a political entity influenced by political means. When the US sneeze’s the rest of the free world catches a cold.