Kanga mini mod

Hey guys can anyone tell me how long a replacement cartridge/coil last for? Just got my mod today!

Anywhere from a couple of days to a typical week or two before the taste is affected - Depends on how much you use it really. Some liquids I vape around 30ml others 60-90ml before I need to change it. Remember to prime the new one with liquid, before you put it in place :smile:


Thank you daath!

the coil heads may be different, I have not even used one yet. But the coils in the RDA can last weeks.

I have rebuilt mine once, to try doing a twisted coil, and it has been in there a week now and still working fine. BTW, the original coil is in the little plastic back with that little blue screw driver.

I have had 8 or 9 flavors in there during that time. Just rinse the deck off, dry fire it a couple of times, rewick, prime the wick, refill the tank and you should be GTG.

Great thank you!