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Hi all
I have a couple of Kangertech subtank +'s and was looking for replacement coils. Just started back into vaping and was wondering about the clapton coils as well as the stainless steel coils. Would very much appreciate any input you all may have on the best one to use. Or should I just get the old kanthal coils that I used a couple years ago? Seems that the newer coils would give me better performance.

here and
another option
and a so called original

edit the RBA is too small to use claptons or other “advanced” staff,
screws will not catch thicker wires.


Thanks for the reply, I didn’t really want to use the little rba for it. I tried that years ago and for some reason I have fits with wicking!! I was more wondering about the premade options. I believe these will work in the old sub tank but have never used them. I see they still make the originals but was thinking these newer coils would improve performance on these old tanks.

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Sorry, got you wrong.

I dont like the readymade units, too expensive,
no taste. Look at



Wicking is just a matter of practice
and the KST with its RBA is a very good tank.
Watch some youtube vids?

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I may have to revisit the RBA for this tank. Thanks for the links!

There are two versions of the RBA …because the old one sucked. I see them online for super cheap (old ones) so beware. Perhaps the King of KT RBAs could assist Mr @ozo

I do like to break these out every once in awhile. the Ceramic coils are the best. Also the Ni200 coils were cool but so many people cried about the Ni200 dangers these were unpopular. I was picking these up at Vape shops for cheap and preferred them.

The true SS SSOCC coils have the pink oring, and are very difficult to find …I have a little hoard. The Clapton coils had like the biggest opening for DTL vaping, but remember all of these were designed for single batt mods so follow the ratings marked on each coil/package

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more here

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Pretty inexpensive. Have never purchased from Fastech. Any idea how long shipping takes?


Chinese Mail Service
It will get to you, eventually, best to order thing elsewhere if your in a hurry, but prices are worth the wait on a lot of things.

lmao! Was kinda thinking it would take awhile. I have purchase items on ebay and have waited weeks for them. :snail:

When buying Vape gear on eBay always choose a local-to-you (US?) Vendor. The cheapest prices are always from China, but even some China-based sellers have US shipping outlets, so things ordered come fast(er), and that information is displayed in the listing.


I generally do just that! I’m so impatient and drives me nuts having to wait 2 or 3 weeks to get things. lol, usually forget why i needed it by then!

Yes, I have used the KBox with a Subtank Mini since they came out.

I have never had much satisfaction with the pre-made coils, but I love
the flavor and clouds from the RBA. RIP Tripper’s video is the best
wicking method in my opinion. (vid below)
On the other hand, in reference to the pre-made coils, I gave my
brother a new KBox/SubTank Mini several years ago, and he only
uses them. It is the only mod/tank he has ever had, uses it every day,
no finish left to speak of, and no problems to date. I keep trying to
give him another but he says ‘he’s good’.
I have given or sold many others with great results/feedback.

Ordering from FastTech….I have bought dozens of 5 & 10 packs.
Some have come with the wrong top cap, too small for the chimney
to insert [made for the Nano tank], but the cap from each are inter-changeable,
so no worries there.
The RBA is a little tedious to build, but very easy and very rewarding. There
was a time my desk had no less than 6+ SubTank Mini in daily rotation.

I have used the SubTank Mini w/RBA on many, many different mods,
from Provari to VT133, and most everything in between, with superior results.

My sweet spot has been with stainless steel wire, close to 0.50 ohm, 70VG/30PG


So easy!! I did order some factory coils from MFS on sale. I am going to get these old rebuildables out and give them another shot. Has been awhile so hopefully this video will keep me on track!
Thanks much for the help!!