Kangertech subox mini

So I recently bought the kangertech subox mini (previously using the aspire atlantis + cf sub ohm battery) aswell as making my own juices, I have been having a constant flavour / taste battle with the kangertech, at first I was thinking it was the juices i was mixing butbi am wanting to know if anyone else is having issues with flavour/taste with this mod, I am using the OOC Coils 0.5ohms and Samsung 18650 R25 battery just FYI. Can anyone relate to this ?

Kinda hard to tell your problem by your description but I’m gonna take a guess here and ask you this. Are you trying to push the same wattage with the Subtank as you did with the Atlantis? If this is the case then that may be your problem. The Subtank does not need as much wattage to get the flavor out of it. Generally rule of thumb is Atlantis for clouds, Subtank for flavor. I’m guessing your problem is just adjusting the power correctly…

The aspire atlantis doesn’t have adjustable wattage bud, I t was a “press and vape” mod, I moved to the kangertech because it had adjustable wattage and it had good reviews, what I’m meaning to ask is has anyone had flavour issues with this mod ? I certainly seem to be having issues.

Oh, I see. As long as you are sure the tank is clean and the organic cotton has went through it’s break in time you should not be having issues. I haven’t a clue why you are having issues. I can vouch for this tank and mod. Everyone I know that bought one loves it. Perhaps someone else might have a idea for you…

Still on your first coil, or have you tried more than one? Kanger’s pretty good, but they still do let some bad coils slip past QC. The 0.5 ohm OCC that came with my kit was DOA.

Also, you didn’t say what you have the wattage set to. Between 15-25W right? That’s what most folks use with that coil.

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I use my kangertech mini sub tank. But i don’t use the prefab coils. I do have some. But don’t use them. I have a 5 wrap open coil build with Japanese cotton on my og republic macanical mod. And the flavor is awesome. But i only use a 20amp battery with this tank. I don’t think it’s your tank

No I’ve been using the OCC 0.5ohms coils buddy both vertical and horizontal ones, the new vertical coils seem to give a bit more flavour but it is hit and miss alot of the time (probably as you said with bad coils passing QC ) I generally have to put a needle through the holes on the side of the coil so the just can soak in fast enough , which does release a bit more flavour, BTW how do you know a bad coil? Just for future reference lol may sound stupid but I’m still a newbie :smile: @sillyrabbit cheers buddy for input every little helps :smile:

The bad coil I had wouldn’t fire at all. One of the coil legs (the thin, straight wires you can see going from the main part down to the contacts) was broken.

Here’s a post where people are complaining about the insulators being too thin and not getting good contact. So that’s another place where there could be an issue. There could be issues with the cotton being too compressed, but you already know about using a pin to open it up. I don’t know enough about the insides of these specific coils to guess at where other problems might be. Personally, I just use the RBA deck, which can be frustrating at times, but at least when I have a bad build it’s my fault and not because I got a bad product. :blush:

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One thing which is kinda rare on a new coil is too little cotton. This will cause flooding of course. Another way a coil can be bad is a direct short to ground.This and the issues you stated should cover almost everything I imagine. I can’t think of anything else…