Kanthal Type Twisted Wire

I placed an order earlier today from this company (The Crazy Wire Company) for the GPlat / 317L wire, but I didn’t view the whole site. They have a lot of different wire products at good prices. I figured I’d post this and let you judge for yourself.


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Sorry for this post. This company has received bad reviews.

Not wireandstuff.co.uk right? Just The (Vape) Mesh Company, right?

EDIT: Oh it’s another Mesh Company website…!

wireandstuff.co.uk led me to the mesh co. If I get good service maybe I’ll repost. They may be the same company. Let’s not take a chance.

Oh it’s the same company. That said - A lot of people don’t have any issues with them. :smile:

I just don’t want to send anybody down the wrong path. Maybe for now on I’ll just post vendors I’m experienced with. It looks like a good deal though.

They’re both the same company indeed. I’ve ordered from them a couple of times in the past and never had any issues with them. In fact, they were nice enough to add some extra wire in my orders.

Thanx a lot @SirRisc. This is my 1st order from them and I just didn’t know how their services are. Can you tell me where you are located and how long it took to get your order?

I’m located in Belgium, my last order reached me 5 days after ordering.
A couple of people on our subreddit have had bad experiences but it’s a minority really.
I’ve recently switched vendors to zivipf, just because it’s cheaper for me. (use code zivipf88 for -8%)

I have only ever ordered my wire from them and have had zero issues, hope this helps :smile:

I got the wire in today. 10 days from date ordered. (Warrington Cheshire UK to Nashville Tennessee USA) Not too bad. Maybe service or postal have improved.

Warrington Cheshire, that’s 25minutes away from where I live. Lol.

Glad you got a good service, if they’d have let you down I could have been there in under 30mins with a couple of knuckle sandwiches for them. Lol.