Kardinal Stick Quik 2000 Disposable Review

Just for the cases where disposables are the only fallback if you want to stay off the cigarettes I provide you the review of the Kardinal Stick Quik 2000.
I bought the device by myself, so you can be sure, I am unbiased.

First let’s go a little bit into the specs:
Liquid capacity: not advertised
Nicotine: 30 mg/ml
Coil resistance: 1.2 Ohm Meshcoil
Weight: 30 Gramm
Battery capacity: 350mAh
Charging: USB Type C
Mostly advertised number of puffs: 2000

These are all vendor specs from a short online research. I didn’t have the equipment to verify any of them.

Size: estimated 115 mm x 20 mm diameter

The disposable comes sealed in plastic. No outside carton box. There’s no USB-C cable included, so you have to take care of that additionally. Opening it you see a silicone plug on the drip tip and a silicone cover on the bottom as protection against accidentally activating the pull mechanism.

The body seams to be a slightly rubberized plastic pipe with a smoky acrylic whistle style drip tip. The bottom is a plastic cover with a visible led, the USB-C charging port and an airflow opening of approximately 0.8 mm in it.

How does it perform?
The draw is a 2 out of 10, I would compare it to the draw (not the flavor) of an half closed Kayfun Lite. The resistance is tolerable, so not bad from that point of view.

As mentioned it is pull activated and the LED at the bottom lights up in white when you take a puff.

Vapor production matches what you can expect from a 1.2 Ohm mesh coil, so still relatively stealthy.

I got from the initial pre-charge 191 puffs out of it. So the battery seems to last quite a while.

I charged it with an 1A phone charger for 45 minutes, nothing was getting hot. The area around the USB-C port was minimal warm. I read afterwards on the website of an online shop that 20 minutes should be sufficient. So charging seems not to be the problem.

I got another 177 puffs before the next recharging was necessary.

I recharged 10 minutes with a 2A charger and the bottom part of the vape got warm but not hot.

After that I got a 58 puffs out of it and then the wicking could not hold up - assumingly due to the low liquid level - and I decided to end this test.

That’s in total far off from the advertised 2000 puffs. Even theoretically with half a second puffs you could come not near to the advertised number…
The nicotine level seemed to match the advertised strength.

If we speak about flavor, it was actually not bad given the device, but it was not consistent over time. I had periods where the cooling was not present and periods with strong cooling, while the Mango was present all the time. I didn’t get the impression this liquid was overflavored nor with a lot of sweetener. The overall cooling level is medium, but I had as mentioned quite some variation.

The Mango I used for the test matches quite well the Mango trinity in the Mango Monster Iced with 0.5 % WS-23. A ripe but not overripe Mango.

I think overall I could give it a 5 out of 10 for flavor, also here really good given the size and price.

Small size
Pull activated
Good flavor

Overall number of puffs → Battery capacity
Environmental impact as any disposable

It’s still a stealthy solution for occasions where you just want to go with something small which keeps you going. Flavor wise I was once more positively surprised, not in a way that I would change any piece of my vape gear against it, but not as bad as I would have expected.

Unfortunately the capacity is here an issue. I had higher hopes since the device is rechargeable. I will verify the capacity with a second device and update the review if the capacity differs remarkably.

I hope you enjoyed this review.


Hello? i also use this type , have you ever experience the pod light up without a reason for a long time? i am sacred it will explod. Mins is 5000 puff

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Nicely done @SteveTC. I actually had an incident today wherein we left the house to go shopping, and my dual 18650 went into “Check Batt” !!! Maybe having a “tosser” handy might NOT be such a bad idea.


Say that phrase in the U.K. and you will see quite a few eyebrows raised :rofl:


@SteveTC although I don’t use disposables that was a good review mate, I especially liked that you mentioned about the temperature whilst charging as it could become dangerous if it gets too hot. Well done Sir.


Hehe @Lucas_James_Holden, I heard it AFTER I typed it. :slight_smile: Cheers mate.


It gave me a giggle when I read it :laughing: but I wasn’t sure if it meant the same thing in the US as it does here in the U.K.


Hehe, it doesn’t, BUT, my wife and I watch enough UK shows, that we’re building a new “favorite” word/saying list. :slight_smile:


No, I never experienced anything like that. But better to toss it for the price. Yes, better safe than sorry is still a good advise.