Kayfun lite 24 mm mod match?

Hello dear community :slightly_smiling_face:

There was a sale at https://www.cremedevape.com/epages/yxve46fvrnud.sf/sec9d50aa5447/?ObjectPath=/Shops/yxve46fvrnud/Categories/Clearance

And i finally decided to buy a kauyfun lite original. Had 22 mm clones before and really liked the tank.

I’ve never had a 24 mm tank before, which mod looks good with a black kayfun lite? :pray:t2:

Suggestions? Photos? :black_heart::pray:t2::slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for that @WhiteRaven

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@WhiteRaven a lot depends upon what you require from the mod like wether you want to use straight wattage or TC. I have mine on top of a Ehpro Cold Steel 100 all in stainless steel and it looks the business but I have also seen people using theirs with an Aspire Mix mod side by side setup which is also very aesthetically pleasing. I have taken a look for you and there are lots of options out there so maybe google some photos to see if any take your fancy, there are also threads asking the very same question as you have.


Mine sits on the Dicodes Dani Box Mini - DLC Deep Black Edition. It’s a little spendy but it looks cool and works great.


Congratulations @WhiteRaven ! I indulged on KF2019 gear at one of Creme deVape’s sales myself. You will love the 5ml capacity (w/ext kit) of the 24mm. And though I love my authie, I have to say that the YFTK clones are pretty darn good. The Ulton and SXK are good, too, so hang on to them!

The KF is so spartan and sleek that it can go practically anywhere, imo. I found some pix but the mods may be off the market now, Idk. I’d love a Dani tube mod but finances have been tight lately. Here’s some affordable options…

The matte black one also looks good on the matte black Dovpo Odin. Here with a different tank…


Nice box, trcallahan :smiley: . I would love a Dani tube for my KF but I’ve had too many house repairs this year, lol. Yes, the joys of home ownership :unamused:


The coldsteel i like that mod