Kayfun lite pro, plus

Hello dear community :black_heart:

Bought a clone of this tank a month ago and this tank is just perfect for my needs! Like it very much.

Thought of buying an original BUT they don’t sell in my country… to order from the US will be very expensive for me. So, I have question.

Is there really a big difference between modern well made clones and the original?



I’m a KF fangirl and own both. If it’s a well made clone the only thing you’ll have to worry about are the o-rings. They are usually not as good a quality as the authentics but that’s not a serious issue. You can always replace them with a better quality.

I purchased my clones when the KF Lite 2019 came out. The YFTK and the SXK were very good. The Ulton, a runner up. SXK and Ulton are manufactured in the same factory in Shenzhen. I have run across an issue on one of my clones (Ulton, iirc) where one of the post screws was machined at the wrong tolerance and fails to grab the wire leg adequately. Although, it’s an inconvenience, the problem is solved by wrapping the coil leg around the screw before tightening it down.

Which clone did you get and where did you get it from?


@WhiteRaven I forgot to add that if you should ever become interested in an authentic, the US would not be a good place to purchase it from. Too expensive and not many vendors carry them. Your best bet is Creme de Vape (UK) or direct from Svoemesto when they offer sales.

Also look in the classies.


Bought it here:


So you say there’s no differences between a good clone and the original besides the o-rings?


The link didn’t lead me to the KF. I was hoping to get some info on who made it. Clones are a complicated business. There are clones of clones, lol, if you can believe it. If a clone is advertised as 1:1 it should be pretty darn good with the materials, machining and tolerances. This is why it’s a travesty that Fasttech closed down. The top experts on clones populated their forum and educated everyone on all the clones. Some even called up the factories asking questions.

Enough of my nostalgia. What I can tell you from my past experiences, if a clone doesn’t have a manufacturer’s name then it’s a clone of a clone. Don’t expect the best workmanship but you can get lucky. Below is a list of the top cloners. Some are new on the block and some specialize in cloning certain devices like Billet Box accessories for example. I can only answer your question further if I know the manufacturer of your KF. If you have a good eye for things and know quality when you see it, you should know if your atty is good. I assume it performs well?

Btw, click on any of the names and you’ll be linked to 3FVape, your next best bet since Fasttech closed. I would advise them as a good source for clones. At least you know what you’re getting. There are reviews and youtube vids on the devices. Much more vaper oriented than Aliexpress.


RE: KFs…Not always the case but generally speaking, yes.


Asked the seller - I’ve got a DSX clone. Ever heard of it?


I haven’t heard of that one. If you’re happy with it and it performs well that’s all that matters. If you have a moment maybe you can post a photo. Try and show a close up of the deck looking down at it and some views of the threads.