Keep track of ml's of flavor left in stash

Wouldn’t it be handy if you could check how many ml’s of a certain flavor you have left?
Like an option to specify how many ml of flavor you have when adding flavors to your stash. Then when you make a recipe it would automatically adjust the amount of ml left, according to what you used in your recipe.

It would be a very easy way to check how much of a flavor you have left and how much liquid you can make out of it.

It’s planned :wink: I’ll be called batch control and inventory control, and it will track each and every one of your mixes as well :wink:


muchos awesomos!

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would it also keep track of your base and not just aroma’s?

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If you add a base to your flavor stash, sure :smile:

Unless you mean PG/VG/Nicotine? It would also track that! :smile:

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The Daath Intelligence Agency :grinning:


very epic…so long excel file! :sunglasses:

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Is this still in the works?

Is there a way to have the calculator keep track of inventory levels to make it easier to know when to order?

Like if we enter our flavors and amount, every time you use that flavor in a mix it automatically deducts it from what you have left? That would be really neat, so we can know when we are low enough and need to add it to our shopping list.

Thanks for your consideration :slight_smile:

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An auto add threshold would be even more super awesome. Something we can set to alarm and add to shopping list when the remaining amount is less than x

Pretty please with flv frosting on top