Keeping track of batteries

I wanted to share a look into my OCD as far as tracking and protecting my batteries. I have taken to doing this the second I get them. I pretty much print a .5" x 2.5" paper slip that I stick under a translucent wrap. I get most of these from illumn, but if anyone knows where to get other colors (green? purple?) I’d love to know it. Each cell gets its model number, a serial number, and its first charge date right on the label, and cells that are married get an alpha/color at the top to keep them identified. Overall, I find it to be pretty easy to do, and the aftermarket wrappers are much tougher than the OE ones. This lets me know how long I’ve had a cell, and identify each one, as well as keeping married cells together.

I did this in response to marker rubbing off and ptouch text rubbing off. What do other people do for labeling batteries?


Dudes trippin…

Lol, sweet. Nice, neat and safe.

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My favorite wrap by far is definitely the yellow/gold ones from Illumn. The batteries really look gold. Its really sweet.

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Agree, they all look good. How long does a pair of batterie take to wrap.

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Looks great :ok_hand: I’m on the ocd plan as well lol. So far what I do is rewrap my batteries with new colors, label them or mark them and then put a clear wrap over that. So double wrapped. Not for my rx200 or rx200s though since the battery doors won’t close all the way.

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A few minutes? Maybe 10 minutes a pair once you drag out all the trinkets and the hairdryer and whatnot. Making the labels takes a bit of time as well. Once I’m rolling I can do 12-15 / hour probably.

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I see problems with the batteries being over dimension spec sometimes, especially in tube mods with close tolerances like the SMPL. The smoke/white ones fit just fine in my RX, but its just a single layer there.

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Sweet. I haven’t even made my first battery purchase yet, but I’ve been trying to figure out how to keep them organized as soon as I do. Thanks for sharing!


Its fairly easy. I’d recommend you get batteries from a reputable vendor, not ebay for sure. I always use, but there are others. This is pretty easy, the biggest catch is the wrappers are a bit too long, so you need to cut 3-4mm off the end or it will be too much. Then just shrink it w/ a hair dryer, and make sure you dont forget the little washer in the top, gotta have that bit.


Good point. I have noticed that at times.

Mine are petri 1.5 clones from the FT. I have 2. The pins protrude enough that I’m comfortable, but yours (and your comfort level) might vary. Pic for reference.

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cool thanks I appreciate this…sorry I moved my question to the velocity v2 thread where you posted…my bad lol

Can you come and organize my cupboards? That’s so beautiful.

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