Kenneth Warner, dean emeritus and the Avedis Donabedian Distinguished University Professor Emeritus at the University of Michigan’s School of Public Health, says, Current focus on preventing youth vaping could hinder adults’ efforts to stop smoking

Kudos to GrimmGreen for for bringing this up on the Thursday VAPE VLOG, the experts in the field know the truth about vaping vs smoking:


This is great news, Rocky. Thx for posting, we need more affirmative opinions from the professionals.


Truth :+1:

Our goal in this paper is to try to inject some sense of balance, to get public health organizations, the media and legislators to recognize that their appropriate but singular desire to keep e-cigarettes out of the hands of kids may actually be harming public health. Policies oriented exclusively toward protecting kids may be responsible for more adults smoking than would be if we had policies that also emphasized helping adults to quit with vaping, and frankly, if we had honest characterizations of the risks of vaping.

Exaggerations of the risk have led a majority of Americans, including a majority of smokers, to the erroneous belief that vaping is as dangerous as, or more dangerous than, smoking. The National Academies of Science, Engineering and Medicine has determined that vaping is likely substantially less dangerous.


The link below is in the article but it can go unnoticed so I have included it here:

Here is a link to the actual paper the above article is about.


@Rocky02852 Thanks much for posting this. There can be negative unintended consequences for so many decisions. This is definitely one of them. One of my fears is that vaping will be so stigmatized by the media that vaping will not be seen as a genuine harm reduction option to quit smoking.

I remember reading an article a few years ago when teen vaping was on the rise. The headline focused on the increase in teen vaping. The academic study they were referring to did show an increase in teen vaping. That study also included data that showed teen tobacco smoking was down by almost the same percentage as the increase in teen vaping. I saw the decrease in teen tobacco smoking as a huge positive. The media only focused on the fear of increased teen vaping. I wish articles in the media were more fair minded and reported both (or all) sides of issues like teen vaping.

@JiM210 Thanks sharing this article. Much appreciated.


So first, welcome to our community. Second, I agree and disagree with your entire statement. No 14 year old should be vaping, thats not on the community, thats on the family. BUT, i would rather see them vape than smoke as we all know kids will do what they are gonna do.

Many studies have shown that vaping is orders of magnitude safer than smoking, note what i said there, “safer than smoking”. That in no way means it is safe, nothing in life is safe. Life is all about risk assessment.

Most of what is said in your post is actual nonsense, boarder line gibberish, but i let it stand just in case you arent just a paid shill. If you would like to further discuss this then please do so.


Bad, bad, bad professor!!! He seems to have forgotten that a good professor at U of M always thinks in lockstep with policy and nary utters a word to cast doubt on U of M. Soon to become Un-professor.

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