Keurig Coffee Makers, not just for coffee anymore

Try this after you next mix. I don’t like to wait for my liquid to age before trying. Shake and vape is not always enough. So to cut out or cut down on steeping time, I read up on speed steeping. There are a lot of different approaches, Hot water bath, Magnetic stirrers, Microwave heating.

My preferred method is the Keurig bath.

After thoroughly shaking for a minute, I make a hot water bath for the liquid in my Keurig coffee maker. This would be similar to making tea with the Keurig and does not get the water too hot. I put the liquid container in the glass of water with the top off until the water for about 1/2 hour or until almost cool. This thins the VG for easier mixing. Then I shake it again for a minute after taking it out. Always works. The flavor should still get better with age, but ready to go after the bath…

Give it a try sometime…


I tried something similar with my hot/cold water dispenser. The guy from DIY OR DIE has one like mine and saw him use it that way. I’m still confused about whether to heat my mix or not though. I read so many conflicting opinions on it here. I have 19 or so bottles steeping but nothing to vape right now except some store bought stuff. I think I might give one a bath. Whatever works eh? xD