Kicked out. Had to move on short notice

So my roommate that had the house my girlfriend and I were staying at kicked us out today. We had to call my girlfriends parents and rent a truck and move immediately. Luckily her dad is letting us move in till we are on our feet again. She physically grabbed my girlfriend and tried to force her out of the house and got punched by her for it. She then stole her phone and car keys and attempted to throw them out the front door, but I stopped her and yanked them out of her hand. My girlfriend socked her in the eye for it (and now she has a lovely looking black eye to boot)… so now she is refusing to pro rate us our $700 back.
We locked our bedroom door on the way out, and we have the only keys to that knob. Serves her right for stealing and trying to break our things. I hope someone else makes her other eye match the one my girl gave her.

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So sorry to hear that. People can be such jerks sometimes. :frowning: I’m sure you guys will be back on your feet again in no time. Keep moving forward. :slight_smile:


Yea. Just sucks… comcast wants a massive cancelation fee because her dad already has internet, so they refuse to transfer our account to this address because of it already having service, our plan has Dvr and the fastest Internet they offer, they said her dad would have to cancel his service but we are only here temprarily… so either we pay for service we can’t use, or pay a equally expensive fee… my girl hung up on them, and will be calling their billing department directly on Monday instead. We wanted the service, not our fault their system doesn’t like providing multiple lines of service to an address.

Sorry to hear mike, things will turn around. Just wasn’t meant to be, something is better out there waiting for you guys. Kepp your heads up. If you need anything let me know.

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Thanks, means a lot. We aren’t going to let it keep us down.
My only worry is that @Heaven_Gifts gets my message to change the shipping address in time for my Ego AIO I won on here the other day… Totally didn’t expect today to go how it did. My girl, and I, both had to call in to our works today, to be able to move all day instead. Karma will bite that lady in the ass, for what she did to us. Or maybe, it acted thru my girls fist earlier… Lol. I hope the black eye she received reminds her to have a little more respect for people in the future.

Lol thanks jojo

Where are you located ? If your in the U.S. you should have called the Cops…because No one can evict anyone that has been staying at an address longer than 2 weeks w/o a 30 day eviction notice. It can be written up still tomorrow and you can get a police officer to go back to the house with you…but she may press charges on your GF for assault for the black eye.Anyway it still is a shame, good to know your GF has a good family and y’all have a place to live.

She can try, but she assaulted my gf first, and stole her car keys and phone. But no Im done with that crap I hate dealing with police all our stuff is already out and in her old room at her dads already, and I flagged her new rentler ad for fraud because she is a renter herself, subleasing illegally, then ripping people off. And Utah it is only 15 day notice on month to month without a lease, js

Her punching her was more self defense than anything, and there’s myself and the other roommate that lives there as witness, she was pushing and grabbing at my girlfriend then ripped the phone and car keys out of her hand while she was trying to put shoes on and coat to leave and refused to give them back and just kept shoving her around and pulling at her hair and arms so my gf just socked her a good one so shed let her go and then left immediately to her car and drove away. I stayed and told her to f off and got my shoes and coat and left. Then met up with her parents and got a budget truck and came back and got our stuff

Horrible when crap like that happens. but there’s always 2 sides to a story

Yeah she was mad because we had an agreement that we rent the basement for $700/mo. It has massive flood damage upon move in, huge hole in the bathroom ceiling that was still leaking, the shower was literally falling apart - I had to fix it out of pocket just to be able to use it. All the flooring was ripped up from the flood and never replaced, the baseboards were all off laying around, holes in walls, all promised to be fixed, after three months nothing had been done unless I did it on my own with my own money, then she says she is going to rent out our second bedroom, whether we like it or not when we had an agreement (verbally upon move in) for both rooms, living room and bathroom down there for 6 months. She said “I can just rent it out I dont need your permission” tho it is our space we were paying for, never late on rent. We say no, arguing ensues and then she’s attacking my girlfriend yelling “just go move back in with mommy and daddy! Get Out!” (because this place was the first time my girlfriend had rented a place before), and next thing I see is her shove my girl into a wall and take her phone and keys and continue attacking her as they moved toward the door. So I stepped in and retrieved the phone and keys from her then my gf while still trying to just leave had gotten grabbed yet again so she hit her that time and left. Basically she was mad at us for not letting her rip us off and rent our place out from under us when rent was already paid and refusing to give our money back.

What I mean is you know she will be telling her family and mates you were the tenants from hell! Even if it’s lies. And she’ll make out your gf attacked her for no reason. You probably should have got your phone out to record her

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Yea making a movie wasn’t my priority, making sure my gf didn’t get hurt was more important, this was ass early in the AM just woke up and wasn’t even fully dressed for it , it just escalated from an angry discussion to sudden violence and screaming very quickly. My girlfriend tried to go in the bathroom first, but the bitch bashed the door open and grabbed my girl and she screamed to let her go, and that’s where it got bad, so she came back to our room to get her shoes and coat to leave but while putting on shoes and coat she’s being hit and pushed and then stolen from her hand the keys and phone so she had enough of it and went at her back to get her things but wasn’t having success so I took them back (as I am much larger than them it wasn’t very difficult) then she blocked the doorway and grabbed her again so my girl just swung low and left. Im sure she will talk shit on us and lie about how she got her shiner but I feel better knowing I reported her ad to rent our place as fraud and got it flagged. Hopefully rentler bans her account or at least removes the ad. I hope she is stuck paying for that shithole house all by her lonesome.

of course! But, in this day and age, evidence is all. Sounds like you’re best off out of there anyway. Hope it works out for you

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Yea, we are. Everything happens for a reason, and the vibe here is much better, her dad lives alone now (since her mom left him and her brother just moved out), in a 5bedroom 2bathroom house so there is ample space for us, and he drives truck so he’s hardly home anyway. Much nicer environment for us for now while we find our own place, just us without the roommate bs this time

Wow…that just sucks all around, man.

Hang in there!! Karma will find his way to her, don’t worry.

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Change your address at the Post Office first thing in the morning…so your mail [vape mail] gets to you.

You can also change your address online at :slight_smile:

Yes, and I would, ASAP

Heaven_gifts messaged me to confirm my address was changed, so I shouldn’t have an issue. None of my other mail was going there, I had been using my parents address still for anything important. :slight_smile: