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Killer Flavors Tasting Notes

Killer Flavors Review - VG Based Flavor Line

Mixed at 5%, Steeped 10 days. Vaped on a Sigelei 150W with a single Titanium Coil @ .5 ohm and 48w.
Fresh Organic Cotton change between each flavor

Birthday Cake 2/5 - Tested @ 5% - 8% - 12% - 15%

5% - 8% weak flavor. faint cake taste

12% - Cake flavor is good at this % but still a little mild.

15% - at 15% I get a good Birthday flavor. IMO it’s not as good as FW, but still a good cake none the less. It’s not overly sweet but I feel it may need a custard or buttery cream note to make it shine… maybe even blend with cookie. I don’t see this as a standalone flavor because it’s missing that buttery creamy factor. It will be okay as a mixer but the % will be high.

15% Standalone MAYBE? Mixer 8+%

Blueberry 4/5 - Tested @ 5%

5% - A good blueberry flavor at this %. Slightly on the grape side but a very good flavor. This may even be a 4% standalone because the flavor is strong. It’s a little on the sweet side but not overly sweet. I can see this as Blueberry lovers ADV. No chemical flavor or off not. It’s not the best I’ve had but this will work well in mixes. This is not the candy type reminds more of a blueberry grape juice.

Standalone 4-5% - 2-3% mixer

Strawberry - 5/5 - tested @ 5% - 7%

5% - Just shy of being a standalone @ this %. Still a good strawberry flavor… definately a good mixer at this %.

7% - @ 7% I get a fresh strawberry flavor, not sweet with a very slight tart bite to the vape. No off notes at all. Unless you prefer a sweet strawberry this is the one for you. It’s not bitter but just a little tart edge. To me it says fresh picked strawberry. I really like this flavor. Reminds me of the TPA Strawberry Ripe but this may be more flavorful. No chemical, candy or juice flavor to this one. I can see this working anyway you use strawberry with being blended to make it better.It’s just a true fresh strawberry flavor. This flavor lingers in your mouth for a while.

Standalone 6-7% Mixer 3-5%

Banana - 1/5 - Tested @ 5% - 8% - 12%

5% - Very mild at this level… not at all bad, but not all good either. @ 5% it comes off as banana orange cream which is not bad. It’s actual a good flavor but not what it should be.

8% - Pretty much like 5%… a little flavor increase, but the same profile.

12% - This is not getting any stronger. The flavor isn’t bad, it’s just weak and has banana\orange cream taste. I’ll steep further and post changes if any.

12% Weak and off.

Vanilla Ice Cream - 3.5/5 - Tested @ 5% - 8% -10%

5% - I’m getting a good Ice Cream flavor with mild vanilla note. Nothing odd in the flavor… actually pleasant. Not sweet though.

8% - The vanilla is more forward @ 8%. It’s a soft creamy flavor but not as much as VBIC TPA. I don’t get any custard type mouth feel from this flavor. No off notes or chemical taste. Just a mild Vanilla Ice Cream flavor.

10% - This flavor is very good at 10% more like VBIC TPA but not quite. Still nothing off just ice cream. The vanilla is more pronounced here too. It’s hard for me to see this as an ADV more of a good mixer. Adding a little custard should make this a top notch ice cream. I will steep this further and post any changes.

Standalone Iffy Mixer 7-10%. This is mild Ice Cream flavor and may get lost in heavy fruit and desert flavors.

Vanilla Custard - 5/5 Tested @ 5%

5% - Mild but good. Zero mouth feel. Trying it @ 8%.

8% - This is one of the best Vanillas I’ve tasted… but I’m not getting custard. This taste like a sweet vanilla cream. This custard doesn’t have mouth feel but it does have excellent taste. This flavor paired with their Ice Cream would give VBIC TPA a run for their money. But custard I just don’t get. If you need a good sweet vanilla cream than this is for you… If you want that custard feel than keep looking. Me personally, I’m changing the label to “Sweet Vanilla Cream (Killer Flavors)” and I’ll be using this.

Standalone 8% Mixer 4-7%

I give this a 5/5 because it’s the best Sweet Vanilla Cream I’ve tasted and that’s how I’m using it. I’ve tried vanilla vapes before but I just didn’t like them. But this I can vape all day.


You’re very productive! Good stuff!

I wish I was productive these days … :smile:


Good reveiw, Thanks!


Thanks for the review of their products this will definitely help me to make a decision on their products on my other post you posted a picture of the warnings can you post a straight shot of them for me only other thing I want to look at on their products before I make a purchase with them. Also did you use their VG nicotine or someone elses?

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DUDE you rock. I was WAY over flavoring these and I just finished getting a new test batch going of Cheesecake, Green Energy, Strawberries & cream, Pineapple, Orange Cream, Rainbow Sherbet, Super Ice Cream, Passion Fruit, and Bllueberry Acai and Pomegranate. I’m by no means going to have much to compare to but I’ll try my best to post back here with updates. ADD will make it had but if anyone contacts me in say 10 days, I’m sure I’ll remember then lol.

What PG/VG ratio did you mix these at?

How long did you steep these for? I would be curious to know, especially for the Vanilla Custard. I get the same results from other custards I have tried after testing them after a month steep. But after two months the custard really comes through for me.

I see at the top you state steeped 10 days. I would be very curious to know how these all turn out when progressed further.

It’s been a while since I tested these… I was mixing at 80/20 vg/pg back then.

Do you have any of that vanilla custard steeping further?

After my initial notes I didn’t test it any further. It’s a great Vanilla… I just didn’t get the custard mouth feel. I used it in a couple mixes as Vanilla Cream and it worked very good.

This company is dead.