Kimwipes for cleaning

Ive recently gotten back in to an old hobby and rediscovered Kimwipes. Like most people i used paper towel for all my light cleanup needs in everything vaping, from mods to mixing. Paper towels work great but are linty, the bounty ones we use are. Kimwipes are a light paper that is very absorbent and virtually lint free.

I use them in microscopy for cleaning parts, slide prep, etc. There is no lint, and this is in an area where one would see it immediately. I dried a slide with bounty sheet and was quite surprised when i viewed it under the scope. Once i noticed this i started looking at all my vape gear, especially the threads on my tanks that i clean off after each filling. Pretty linty… So i decided to buy a couple more boxes of Kimwipes from ebay and amazon.

Sure it isnt a big deal, i just like to keep my vape gear clean. Just thought id throw this out there in case anyone is looking for a solution.


I just use microfiber towels. They are washable and very handy.


I dont have any idea why but i find those disconcerting in some way.


It’s tactile… microfiber cloths are basically rubberized terry cloth and kinda grippy …which is the idea. I bought two full boxes of Kimwipes at a garage sale and horde them for special polishing/cleaning/restoration tasks …had to hide them from the Msss. Golly I guess I could just buy some :wink: You described Kimwipes perfectly.


It is, they just feel, umm, a weird kind of soft. I have to use them while wearing gloves to clean the TVs and monitors. Even worse when they get a bit wet from cleaning solutions. They do a dern good job tho.


@Ken_O_Where You are likely a tactile-centric person… like it’s a leading sense other other senses. You may say “I feel you” when others may say “I see what you mean” (a visual person), or “I hear you” (auditory). We have alot of super-tasters on here …same kind of thing.

Tactile people spend a lot of money on expensive bedding …soft blankeys Mmmm Down comforters and pillows, high thread count sheets etc. …only wear cotton clothing. It’s just what’s most important to them because what touches their skin is numero uno. “Subjectivity” is a big topic here. That’s easy to understand because while most folks have the same sensory inputs, those input levels are rarely the same.

I have known people who can’t touch chalkboard erasers or get weirded out by fur. Super-tasters may hate onions. It’s not really wierd, it’s just that your “equalizer” knob for SenseX is set to 11 …making onions taste like @ss and chalkboard erasers feel like dead rats …or microfiber cloths feel like Soul Sucking Succubuses :exploding_head:


I had a bunch of old T-shirts that I cut up into good-sized pieces. I keep them in my “rag” drawer and use them on all my vape gear. Then wash and they are clean again. I also cut up old sweatshirts and use those for my “vape mat.” Can’t stand the feel and sound a paper towel makes.



Kimwipes are important for serious applications like labwork and microscopy. Paper towels are a budget product where cost is the main concern, and that includes using recycled sources and non-virgin paper. Under magnification you can see all kinds of debris in a paper towel, including metal filings and other chunks. As Ken_O said it is mostly a lint (free) thing, but if you are polishing anything fine …like a gold pocket watch (example), using a paper towel rises to the level of criminal abuse :wink:


And then you put it in your pocket, right?


No then I sell it. Scratches lower value especially items viewed under a jeweler’s loupe