Kinda shitting my pants now

Hey gang.

My x cube 2 are arriving today (2of them, his and hers) an after reading a lot of negative experience I’m afraid of upgrading, buying the ss/ti upgrade.

Any advice on what to do would ease my mind :scream:

I’d say go for it and upgrade to 1.093 immediately, and buy the Ti and SS upgrade and hope for the best. I have no problems with my XCube 2.


Will do…

Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

Same here mines working fine with the 1.093 update :+1:

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I hope you should be fine as long as you only use the app to upgrade for stainless… does it already have the 1.093 on it… youll know as soon as you turn tgem on …after the wire upgrade turn the Bluetooth off…

Ok… Still waiting for them.

Only ss? So I can’t use ti? That’s what I want :wink:

Will keep you posted

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You can use ti you have to activate it through the app same with ss but as @quitter1 has said only activate your wire through the app, once it’s activated , forget about the app its rubbish and dangerous.
People have had crazy settings show up on the screen and nearly fired the mod before noticing. Like 500+watts😥
Be safe. :ok_hand::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::dash::dash::dash::dash::dash:

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Never had a problem with mine either. and the App works fine on my iphone. However I am using stock coils.

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