Kiwi Acapella, Sing me a song of ye greenie kiwi victories

I guess I never noticed it before in my yonder travels of mixing thy vape juices in me dungeon but I cometh across the small fruit of kiwi by capella. I can’t find anything that’s strong in kiwi other than Strawberry Kiwi, but …I have a secret… I like Kiwi.
I wish they could cross-species kiwi with watermelon so I could have Kiwi’s the size of watermelons. Maybe even pumpkins. So I could stick my head in it and eat from the inside out.

TLDR: I have Kiwi (Capella) and looking for a good kiwi-strong base. Thanks


I don’t have that kiwi but have tried several and always come back to FA kiwi, do use RF (SC) kiwi as well. The RF is especially nice with florals. The FA I enjoy with softer citrus like mandarins and sweeter grapefruit. Nice with raspberry and lime. Pairs well with TFA greek yogurt and pretty much anything you would use with dragon fruit. Using both kiwi and dragon fruit in the same mix is overkill for me, it’s one or the other. I prefer the DF with flavors that have sharper notes.


I love love… yeah here it comes… FLV Kiwi… enough for base, flavor, juicy, twangy, insert other terms here. It’s light, can go heavy, does great with strawberry, pineapples, bananas, coconuts and melons… looking for a new trend, kiwi tobacco… My usage might differ from others but I use kiwi from .2% up to 1.4% :wink:


Are you sure ??? I would have never guessed lmao :wink:


It’s a miracle!! :smiley:

Even tho it won’t help our @DarkJester89… best I can come up with :angel:


Know one could ever say your not consistent…


To be honest I didn’t like kiwi flv. I kept getting an undertone of green mint.

If you can swing it. Play with combinations of kiwi fa, kiwi double tpa, and kiwi mf.

Use kiwi double to supplement fa’s. Use mf to blow kiwi out of the water…if you want the brown skin included.


What was the amount you used? Might have had it a bit too high or a combo of flavors you added it to, @Chrispdx:smiley: I dunno… I can’t say I got mint out of it at all… I feel left out :cry:


TLDR - I read it and instantly thought of Kiwi Double (TPA) Keep in Mind it did steep 2 Mo’s before I got to SF test it:wink:

Kiwi Double - Tested 3% (TFA) 0.5-2%` 2 Month Steep Best mouth watering effect - think drooling. Has that Kiwi green note up front with some melon and a purple-berry under tones (wow never heard of a purple berry! lol) slight tart lil dry and lil sweetness Nice additive for the juicy feel better then Cactus INW since catus has a distinct flavor you might enjoy but I can’t stand. Kiwi Dub (TPA) Might be a good Kiwi main If you like the other notes in this - or can bring out the Kiwi by adding to Kiwi or blending or hiding the other notes (wondering what a 0.25% lemon will do to this flavor?). Maybe perfect for a Fruit & Melon Mix bowl type recipe where you want Kiwi in it also - Then start @3-4% and go up from there. TPA Im thinking 5% max for mixing- it was strong and present @3%

Sorry didn’t get to SF test it shorther than 2 Months. (Read - under 2 Mo’s might not produce the same results but it did last that long which is a plus+) Only have 1 Kiwi but like you love that flavor, will watch this thread for promising Kiwi’s.

Don’t feel left out that usually is the case - too much or little % too short a steep. :wink:


I’ll admit I’m in the minority but I didn’t enjoy kiwi double at all, it just got too sweet for me with a steep.


Freddie… I’m not in the club that overuses flavors and does a 6 mo steep.
Nic and flavoring both have a nasty habit of breaking down, deteriorating… after a too long steep. Not sure where you picked that up from… but I like mine within a month, maybe 2 at the most. I don’t over flavor, as the flavors I work with are a bit expensive and really, you do not need much at all.

edit 7/12/2019: Just had someone find one of my juices, aged 8 mo… no fading no bitter… just juicy kiwi and strawberries… I just personally like my juice within 2 months, and if a bottle will last that long. Normally I end up vaping mine all gone before a 2 month period…


I agree. Have you tried to supplement kiwi fa with it at 0.5-1%. I pairs really well with other melon fruits and coconut fa.


No, I pif’d it months ago. I haven’t felt the need to supplement the FA honestly, I love it.


I made a kiwi/strawberry with extreme ice . it’s quite nice.

Yall talking about 2 month steep times? ain’t-nobody-got-time-for-that, #shakeandvapebaby


I’ve got the Kiwi Strawberry (with stevia) from CAP and FA’s Kiwi. CAP was very disappointing IMO while FA’s Kiwi is a very realistic, bold, round, juicy flavor that I really enjoy.

Some great suggestions, thanks!


just more suggestions, @anon28032772 :stuck_out_tongue:


Same as @Letitia here, My vote goes to FA 3 to 4% very easy to work with, even if slightly on the thin side, have to steep a bit.
Can’t stand the TFA double kiwi it’’s chemical to me and the same goes to INW’s haven’t been able to wotk them out.


Id be the first to throw out a bad flavor.

If you have TPA it’s not a loss at all. Note: It’s very strong for a TPA flavor.

TPA Kiwi Doub beats Cactus Inw and any Pear I tried for a watering effect. And it mixes and fills out any fruit or melon recipes “very nicely.” :wink:

But YES it’s very strong not like other TPA flavors. If you used over 3% you might have been out of range. That’s why I lowered the USABLE RANGE to Max 2% over what I tested at 3% below.

If anyone has it… Just make a stone let it sit around with your other flavors for a month or 2 and use it for fruit mixes. If you want a Fruit/Melon/Berry mix with some Tartness than go up to 2%. (For watering feel I’d start at 0.5%) If you want a Kiwi note, It’s a more real’ish Kiwi note not to candy. You’ll be happy.

If your developing recipes. This one will sit on the shelf without fading.


I suppose when the OP says things like

You just can’t have enough kiwi concentrates to try out


@anon28032772 Funny! Yes “kiwi with watermelon” Thats the only reason I mentioned TPA.

As far as Pumpkin… Haven’t tried vaping those yet.

I do have Wood Spice (Flavorah) on my shop list, I hear it’s like Sandalwood. My absolute favorite scent!

Maybe Pumpkin Sandalwood & Kiwi? :shushing_face: