Kodi TV, Are you using it too?

I have been playing with Kodi TV for several months now and decided to share. Many of us are on a very tight budget and can not afford to pay high dollar cable/satellite TV bills. There is a solution and it’s called Kodi TV. If you love movies as I do you will love Kodi. You can also watch some live TV channels as well. Music channels, sports, lots of stuff and you are the one who sets up Kodi channels the way you like it. The techie in you will love Kodi. Kodi can be installed in Windows, Mac, Android, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and more. Let’s get started. Go to the link below…

tvaddons.ag/ [EDIT by JoJo: now in litigation and no longer working]

Toward the bottom of the page you will find the different OSs and devices and links to install Kodi (FreeTelly). Follow through their instructions and install Kodi. Please note that Kodi is not perfect and a work in progress. It is slightly buggy but manageable…

The first thing I suggest you do is change the skin to one that gives you more menu ability. Without going hog wild looking for skin I just added one called Aeon Nox…

Click SYSTEM, APPEARANCE, SKIN. I believe the skin will be set to Confluence. Click on this skin and click on GET MORE. Find Aeon Nox, install it and click yes to change to it. Next, I suggest you lower the menu toward the bottom. APPEARANCE, SKIN, SETTINGS, AEON NOX horizontal menu. Set it to LOW. You now have Kodi installed and you are ready to add content. Stay tuned for more…


I actually use this instead of a Cable Box for my bedroom and Living Room televisions.

I use an old PC as a media server which stores my movies and recorded TV series.

I also use a Silicon Dust HD HomeRun Prime, which takes a cable card and splits this into 3 signals that can be networked or used as a recording stream on the server.

Can’t remember the last time I have had to pay on multiple boxes for the home. My cable bill (since I use only the cable card and the internet only) usually runs about $60/month because of the setup.

Needless to say Comcast doesn’t like me very much, but they are more than happy to take my business.

Oh, and by the way… you can use your phone/tablet as a remote to any Kodi device, it’s called YATSE (Yet another touch screen experiment) and it works beautifully.

Let me know if you have any questions, I can probably bodge you through a thing or two with Kodi, Emby and YATSE.


I also use kodi at home but only have it on my work laptop since that is the only computer I have that is updated enough to run kodi and output HDMI. I am currently looking for a different computer or set up to put this on and stream to my 7 year old 52in sharp flat screen lol. I am not as techno savvy as the above poster but I am interested in that kind of set up please do tell me more!


Don’t forget your repositories!

System / File Manager / Add Source

Fusion -
http:// fusion.tvaddons.ag

Specto Fork -
http:// repository.filmkodi.com

Metal Kettle -
http:// kodi.metalkettle.co

Super -
http:// srp.nu/


Next you need to add a REPOSITORY or Repositories to Kodi. A Repository contains content options to choose. It can also contains tools and other goodies. You are now going to add SOURCEs and their locations to Kodi. They will usually be in .zip files. Let’s add your first one now…

Under the SYSTEM option you will see FILE MANAGER. Click on it. Click on ADD SOURCE. Select NONE. Type in http:// muckys.mediaportal4kodi.ml [EDIT by JoJo: take out space between http:// and muckys] EXACTLY. Click DONE. Below enter the name of your source. Click OK. A source that is good will become part of the menu. Errors will be displayed if the source is no longer good. There are many sources and plenty of help on the web for installing sources for Kodi. here’s one…

If you hear of content some where just googling the name and Kodi, “______ kodi” will come up with sources and installation info…

Now we are gonna Activate the Mucky Ducks repository we added a source for…

Click SYSTEM, ADDONS, INSTALL FROM ZIP, Select Mucky Ducks Repo or whatever you named it, select Repository.mdrepo-1.0.2.zip (or current name). Now wait for enabled notification.

Now for content…

Click INSTALL FROM REPOSITORY. Find the Mucky Ducks Repository and click on it. Different Repositories will have different content. Some have more options than others. I personally use Video and Program ADDONs most but there can also be pictures, music, look and feel (careful with this one, can change your setup), and more. Let’s add some movies…

Click Video ADDONS, find 123MOVIES and click. Another menu comes up and click INSTALL. It will then download everything it needs for that content. Don’t be alarmed if it aborts sometimes during downloads. I guess sometimes the servers are busy. As long as a download starts I would think it will eventually go. If sucessful then 123MOVIES will show ENABLED. While you are in this repo, also install YesMovies…


Yes all very good Repos. I have a few I’ll be telling everyone as I get more time. Need to tell the newbies how to add stuff to their menu and then we can get down to content. Definitely want to hear from others the content they have found…


I think that it’s a really great idea that you started this thread for everyone to see.

It’s really going to help people out. a super +1 on this! no more dish.


OK, last I’m gonna tell you how to add the content you install in your home menu…

Now reset the label to MOVIES. You can also change Background graphics if you like. One more thing, toward the bottom you’ll see MANAGE SUBMENU. Click there if you want to add more Movie content such as YesMovies and others…

There you have it, from ZIP to MENU/SUBMENU. Hopefully this will get you started and I believe I can answer many questions (NOT ALL). Hopefully there are other users who use options I do not dabble in. I will soon tell you more sources and working content. Enjoy…


Great stuff it seems.

We cut off cable TV and kept our cable internet service. Using Sling, Netflix, and Amazon for watching tv series, movies, and a few live channels on the Sling. A LOT less expensive than what we were paying for Cable TV.


I’m majorly addicted to Kodi on my Fire TV Stick. I avoid the handycam movies, but other than that, it’s on like Donkey Kong. I haven’t tried any other skins, though. I’m mostly watching movies and shows on Exodus, and when I’m bored I watch Dubai TV channels on cloudTV.


I only use kodi and have now for at least two years… Mine is soooo tweeked it’s crazy I use custom builds created by firetvguru…


I posted this last year… Movies and Shows - What do you recommend?

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Cool, then that means you’ll be contributing and telling us some good sources and addons, right?


Got a android box with kodi installed on it last week on my way out of state. We loved it…used it all weekend. Had to leave it there…couldn’t take it from family. Ordered another one from Amazon. Should get it tomorrow.


I pretty much much use Exodus for movies and some TV shows and sports devil for PPV sports. Too bad the live sports wasn’t more reliable. I’d just cancel my cable when I can if it was but I’d lose my mind if I missed my hockey and football.


I added Kodi to my firestick. Is there a kodi box ? I am really really trying to cut my cable bill down.

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I use Emby only because I used to be a dev on it and I know it like the back of my hand. Kodi has more addons but I dont really need any more than Emby has I have 2x 40tb unraid nas boxes an more stuff than I can watch.

The emby profiles are great the kids have there stuff the mrs has hers and I have mine - it saves watched and unwatched for each user and if more than one user is watching a show you can add them into the session so it marks as watched in both profiles which is perfect for me and the family


The Community Repository: SOURCE: http:// thecommunityrepo.netai.net


WWE On Demand

Paragon SOURCE http:// paragon.comuf.com
Getaflix SOURCE http:// gen-tec.co/gentecwiz

ProjectM SOURCE http:// mwiz.co.uk/repo

Mucky Duck SOURCE http:// muckys.mediaportal4kodi.ml

HD Box
Imperial Streams
movie vault

Sanctuary SOURCE http:// dazbtut.com/kodi/repo’s

Eight zip files here and will install Origin, Oblivian, Sanctuary, XunityTalk, ProjectM, and other repositories

XunityTalk will include addons such as…

Seach Youtube
Watch Wrestling
WWE Online
Openload Movies
Movie Addictz
Movie magic
Movie Madness

Phoenix SOURCE http:// fusion.tvaddons.ag


Amazon makes the Fire Box as well. It’s got more memory than the firestick so technically you’ll have the same thing but upgraded should you like your firestick. There are other devices as well. Any android device for one. Suggest you follow the link I left for installing kodi. It lists the major players for kodi…


This all sounds great, but I live where I can only get satellite internet service and I only get 10 GB per month so I am thinking this would not be enough to support Kodi…