Koolada (FW) is spitting/popping from coil

I have bought my first batch of flavours and choose to purchase from Rainbowvapes since they seemed like a popular choice (based on every flavor having lots of reviews).
I had read a lot about koolada so I wanted to try some. The only koolada they had was Flavour West so I ordered some.

However when I mix this koolada into my mix and take a hit it starts spitting very hot particles into my mouth/tongue (i vape hot) this does not happen with the same mixes without koolada. About the same spitting as a flooded coil but more small particles but its not a flooded coil its the koolada im sure. (vaping on factory TFV16 smok coil)

Is this normal for a koolada? No one else seems to have mentioned it. I have not try to steep.


How much milage is on the coil?
Do you use sweeteners?
Is there an excessive amount of liquid coming from the air vent hole?
Are you shaking your flavor (koolada)?

My first guess would be to replace the coil. Smok coils are low quality and need to be replaced often. Some come bad out of packages. If a coil spits it is usually gunked up and not heating evenly.


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