Koolada WS-23 (in creamy ice recipes?)


I have Koolada WS-23 Crystals coming to me. I have 2 questions about those:

  1. The vendor (Drip Hacks) recommends to dilute them at 10-50 percent. Which is … well, a big difference, esp. given the fact that it is said to have a “substantially colder hit” than WS-3.
    Is someone of you already using it, and can tell me at what solution you use it? And at which percentage?

  2. I bet it tastes super good with fruit flavours, mimicking slush ice. There are vendors out there using it for that, afaik. (like drip hacks themselves). But has anyone tried to use it for creamy ice cream flavours? Do you think that might work?


Rob (craving cool Liquids since it is getting warm in my attic flat :wink: )

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I can’t say as I’ve used it yet, but I would definitely like to know if it does impart that special taste of slush ice. Keep us posted on your take on it.

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