Koopor Mini Updates

For those of us that have already ordered or have a Koopor mini I’ve been on there web site and it looks like there will be no updates for the mini now or in the future. This is very disappointing if it is true and if it is true it is false advertisment.

Hi Cloyce. I’ll have to admit I’m lost. What updates did they advertise and why does it need to be updated?

Just reading what people have posted on the web site about Koopor not going to have any updates for it, and if they do you’ll have to take it to a dealer. I think that it is false adv because it was sold with the option of blue tooth updating. I personally didn’t say it needed updated just letting people know what is being said by Koopor on there web site.

I have one and so far love it. I bought it for a backup and to have an inexpensive mod with removable battery. It already has features that I wont ever use.

just received this from gearbest 21 days after ordering
Dear chris,

Sorry for the late reply.

There are some problem about the shipping method. So we need to recall it back and change the shipping method. Could you please keep patient to wait for 2 more days?

Thanks for your understanding in this matter.

Best regards
Gearbest Customer Service

very very unhappy!!!

Man I hate to hear that. Maybe it’s a good thing because there is no and never will be any updates for the mini or the plus.

Looking at the mess that they created with the XCube, one just might consider that a good thing…

HaHA Yea I bet your right. So far I’m liking the mini, feels good in the hand and hits good.

I like it. No major complaints with it. Guess the only real complaint is there is a USB port that you can not charge the battery with. Or anything else for that matter. I’m betting on Youtube there is already a video to install a charging board…

There’s a some what tutorial from someone on doing just that on Koopor’s web site.

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Now there showing update guides.


Says its for pro’s only Could cause damage

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