Koopor Plus and TFV4 Mini, a powerful combo

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I’ll be looking into a new brand by Smok today, Koopor.
They were kind enough to send out a Koopor Plus and a TFV4 Mini with some of the new stainless steel coilheads meant for temperature control.
This review was supposed to be published earlier but unfortunately my schedule got messed up, so here we are…

The Koopor Plus and TFV4 Mini was sent to me for the purpose of this review by Koopor and Smok!


A while back I reviewed the XCube II from Smok, a mod that sports bluetooth, a huge LED light and a whopping 180W of power.
I combined it with the TFV4 tank, which was apparently made to drink juice instead of vaping it.
After that review a few people reached out to me to see if the combo was worth it, and in my humble opinion, it is.
However the big bright LED light and bluetooth was a bit too much for some of you, which I can understand.
Not everyone wants to have those flashy features, and the TFV4 was a bit much for some.

Smok has figured this out too and has launched a new brand called Koopor.
The Koopor Plus is a solution to the people who want the functionality of the XCube II without all the bells and whistles.
It sports all the TC options of the XCube II, 200W of power and a simpler look.
Smok itself released a new iteration of the TFV4 called the TFV4 Mini, a smaller version with the same plethora of coilheads available, including a new clapton RBA.

Warning: this review is very photo-heavy.

But does it perform as it should? Let’s find out!


Koopor Plus

  • Stainless Steel and Zinc alloy
  • 6W to 200W power output
  • 0.35V to 8V power output
  • Dual 18650 battery powered
  • Resistance range in TC mode: 0.08ohm to 3ohm
  • Resistance range in Power mode: 0.1ohm to 3ohm
  • Temperature range: 200°F to 600°F or 100°C to 315°C
  • Compatible with Ni200, Ti01 and SS wires, TCoR is adjustable!
  • Dual Driver System, able to buck and boost
  • Magnetic battery door
  • Large OLED display
  • Stainless steel 510 threading, springloaded and gold-plated centerpin

TFV4 Mini

  • Stainless steel construction
  • Pyrex glass tank
  • 22mm diameter
  • 3.5ml capacity
  • Comes with a couple of coilheads: TF-CLP2 (0.35ohm clapton), TF-S6 (0.4ohm triple parallel) and the TF-RCA rebuildable coilhead
  • Available in stainless steel and black
  • Dual layer 510 driptip


The box for the TFV4 Mini is the standard packaging Smok uses, a white box with the tank depicted on the wrap and a black box inside of the wrap.
The packaging includes a slew of accessories and spare parts, a usermanual, and two vapebands. One of them being a bright red to match the o-rings on the tank.

The Koopor Plus however comes in a bright orange box, with similar features. The mod is depicted on the box in silver, though the mod itself is in black.
Inside you’ll find the mod of course, and underneath the mod a bunch of accessories. Also included in the package is a nice little card that warns you about the dangers of using badly wrapped or old batteries.
The usermanual is one of the biggest I’ve seen so far but it’s well illustrated and makes everything fairly clear.
Not included in the package, but sold separately is the silicone sleeve for the Koopor Plus, which is available in black, orange, and white.


The Koopor Plus.

The Koopor Plus is simply put a beast of a mod sporting similar functionality as the Smok XCube II but without the frills.
It has temperature control for Ni200, Ti01, and SS, but it also allows you to set a custom TCoR which will allow you to finetune to the wire you’re using.
As always Koopor/Smok advises to let the atomizer cool down to room temperature before setting the resistance on the mod.

The body is rounded on the edges giving it a comfortable grip. It also contributes to the look of the device, it’s not just a square boxmod anymore.
It has quite some weight to it and that’s one of the few things I found to be annoying about the mod. It’s a bit uneasy to carry around despite its ergonomic shape.
The batterydoor is held on by magnets and slides down to open. While the magnets are very strong and hold the door in place fairly well, I have noticed that it’s a bit too easy to slide the door down.
This results in me playing with the door and getting on peoples nerves because of the incessant clicking noise it makes. Oh well… :wink:
The batterydoor has been perforated with small holes to help keep the batteries cool, which is obviously not a luxury if you’re using the full 200W.

The battery compartment is very similar to the Xcube II, you’ll find the same strong springs to hold the batteries in tight and the same configuration of your batteries.

On the bottom of the mod is a USB port labeled "Not for charging. Only upgrade."
This means the mod will not charge your batteries from USB, which is fine. It’s safer to charge them in an external charger anyway.
The port will however serve as a data connection to your computer to perform firmware updates. You’ll need to keep an eye out on the Koopor website for those updates.

The buttons are comfortable and have excellent tactile feedback, giving that nice firm clicking when your press them.
I’ve found that the firebutton does tend to push to one side a little bit sometimes but it doesn’t misfire, crunch or stick.
The plus and minus buttons are slightly smaller but still very comfortable to push, they have the same tactile feedback.

The 510 connection is made from fairly hard stainless steel and has a springloaded pin made from brass.

Let’s dig into the menu a bit, shall we?

To turn the mod on you’ll have to press the firebutton three times, at which point the mod will boot up and show the Koopor logo and saying “Welcome”.
Another three clicks will bring you into the menu which works similar to the menu on the XCube II, in the sense that you can browse and select by just using the firebutton.
The menu is comprised of a few icons, each with their own subdivisions of course.
The first icon is a heartbeat which hides the options for wattage mode, memory mode and temp mode.
The second icon is a pair of lips that hide the puff counter. Also included is a setting that allows you to set the maximum puffs, a function I honestly think isn’t going to be used.
The third icon is a gear that hides a few settings pertaining the display, like contrast, brightness and orientation. Also in that menu is the option to set the resistance, much like on the XCube II.
The fourth icon is a standby icon hiding the power on/off options.
The last icon is a circle with a cross through to exit the menu.
Navigating is also similar to the XCube II, a short press will move to the next option, a long press selects the option. It actually becomes very easy once you’re used to it, it’s very intuitive.

As stated above, it does temperature control for Ni200, Ti01 and SS.
Koopor boasts that their HFDMR (High Frequency Dynamic Monitoring Resistance Technology) is one of the better systems out there, but I have to disagree slightly.
Only slightly because the only issue I’ve found with the temperature control is that it reads coils slightly higher than what they actually are.
Testing this with both Nickel and Titanium I’ve found that resistances deviated by 0.08ohm. Not a big deviation in itself but enough to confuse the temperature control into thinking there’s a little more wiggleroom.
This could be just a connectivity issue though I can’t confirm this, after checking the soldering inside I concluded that it was all done fairly clean.
The only possibility then is the 510 and I’m not planning on desoldering it and putting in another 510.
Does this ruin the entirety of the device? Not by a long shot, the temperature control on the Koopor Plus works fine if you keep the deviation in mind.

The TFV4 Mini.

Alright, let’s get this straight from the start; If you’re buy this to have a simple tank, you’re going to have a bad time.
The TFV4 Mini is essentially a slimmed down version of the full sized TFV4, with a few minor updates.
I won’t go into too much detail as such, but do read my review of the full sized TFV4 if you want to know more.
The basics of the tank are still the same and the performance will be very similar.
Now if there’s one thing this tank and the full sized one could do well, it’s guzzling juice.
Since the TFV4 Mini only has a capacity of 3.5ml you’ll find that it’s empty more often than it is full.
And despite the very handy filling system, it gets rather tedious having to fill it every 15 minutes.
In terms of airflow there’s a bit of a difference. The TFV4 Mini feels a lot more open than the full sized TFV4 for some reason, the airflow slots are the same size though.
If you close down the airflow the TFV4 Mini has the annoying whistle that spooks my dog each and every time I take a toot.
However if you look beyond those minor flaws, the TFV4 Mini is quite a cloudchaser without compromising flavor.
Especially with the clapton coilheads or the clapton RBA this tank will even outperform some drippers, with more comfort added to it.
I’ve been using it in TC mode on the Koopor Plus with the new STC2 coilheads, made from stainless steel and meant to be used with temperature control.
The coilheads use organic cotton wrapped around SS316 sitting at 0.25ohm.
These last about two weeks and then start to drop off in flavor.

The coils.


The Koopor Plus sports a very ergonomic body with a rather “cool” print of circuitry on the front.
The display is not as clear as I’d like it to be but it’s easy enough to read.
The buttons are smooth to the touch and have great feedback, though the firebutton does rattle very slightly if you shake the mod. With the silicone sleeve it’s inaudible.
Stylish perforation of the batterydoor makes sure the batteries are cooled down to room temperature as quickly as possible and provides some extra grip to the mod.
Having rounded edges makes the mod seem less square than some boxmods and again contributes to the grip and ergonomics.
With the silicone sleeve the mod feels a bit too thick for my liking, but without it the mod fits in the hand very well despite it’s weight.

The TFV4 Mini looks absolutely beautiful in black. A large glass section is held on with red o-rings and shows the huge coilheads inside.
The topfill is equally awesome to the full sized TFV4, while the wide 510 driptip is now boasting a glass chimney section.
All in all, it doesn’t look like it’s such a cloudchasing tank but it is.

Pros and Cons.


Koopor Plus.

  • 200W of raw power, measured very little deviation at maximum power
  • Temperature control with Ni200, Ti01 and SS wires
  • Adjustable TCoR
  • Comfortable to hold
  • Cool print
  • Firmware upgradeable

TFV4 Mini.

  • Great flavor
  • Lots of coilhead options
  • Looks beautiful
  • Very good topfill
  • Loads of airflow


Koopor Plus.

  • Heavy, a bit too heavy even
  • No USB charging (though that could be construed as a pro)
  • Display is slightly too dim
  • Silicone sleeve is very hard to get off
  • Very slight button rattle

TFV4 Mini.

  • Drinks juice like a pro
  • Needs to be filled after a few vapes
  • A bit too much airflow
  • Closing the airflow makes the tank whistle
  • Lots of coilhead options (Yes, I know it’s listed as a pro too)

In conclusion.

I think the Koopor Plus and TFV4 Mini is a very nice combo, they both perform very well and the Koopor Plus is one of the cheaper 200W TC mods out there at the moment.
The temperature control works very well but deviates slightly, though it can be adjusted by setting the resistance a bit lower manually.
The display on the Koopor Plus is a bit too dim for my liking, and is barely visible in direct lighting.
The TFV4 Mini performs about the same as its bigger version, which I still prefer over the Mini because it needs less filling.
All in all, it’s a very decent setup for little money. If you’re looking for a 200W mod but don’t want the hassle of 3 batteries, this might be the mod for you.

A short note about the Smok XCube II. Smok has decided to make the optional functionality of temperature control for Ti and SS available for free starting Christmas 2015!
That effectively brings the XCube II and the Koopor Plus to have the same functionality.
For those of you who bought the mod and the added functionality, check your email for a coupon code for $5.

In closing I would like to thank Koopor and Smok for sending me the Koopor Plus and TFV4 Mini for review!
And of course all of you who read my reviews, thank you very much!

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