Koopor Primus, 300W is insane

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The Koopor Primus was sourced from Koopor!


The Koopor Primus is the latest powerhouse mod from the Koopor family, a subdivision of Smoktech.
It has apparently been nicknamed the cheesegrater because of the way it looks, but don’t judge a mod by its look (or a book by its cover).
This mod packs a serious punch and it will deliver on the promise of 300W.

So with all that power in your hands, how does it fare?
Let’s find out!

Koopor Primus


  • Stainless steel and zinc alloy body
  • Triple 18650 battery powered
  • 300W maximum poweroutput
  • Temperature control for Ni, Ti, SS
  • Adjustable initial resistance and TCoR
  • Available in two colors: stainless and black
  • Springloaded 510 with goldplated centerpin
  • Sidemounted display
  • Upgradeable firmware


As with the previous Koopor mods, the mod comes in a bright orange box.
The front of the box has a shiny depiction of the mod, while the back shows you a short description and the specifications of the mod.
On the side is a sticker with the serial number and the color of the mod, and another sticker with a scratch&check code to check if the mod is authentic.
Sliding the box out of the wrap reveals the same circuitboard pattern as the previous mods had. The Primus however doesn’t have this, it’s only on the packaging for decoration.
Inside of the box you’ll find the mod first, sitting in a bright orange insert with a black ribbon on the bottom.
Underneath the insert is a customer card, a battery warning card, and of course a usermanual.


The previous Koopor mods had a rather young and modern look to them, aiming mostly at an audience that wanted their mods to have a bit extra.
The Koopor Plus and Koopor Mini had a poweroutput of 200W and 60W respectively, both had temperature control, and both had the same disadvantage; they were heavy mods.
The Primus goes a step beyond and adds a third 18650 battery to power the mod all the way up to 300W, essentially competing with the RX200.

Now I have to admit I do like pushing the power upwards quite a bit, on average I vape around the 100W mark with fairly low builds.
But 300W? It’s pretty insane that we’ve come this far. I remember buying the MVP2.0 and thinking 11W was a lot.
And at the time, it probably was. But this mod kind of blew me away (in a good sense).
See, there are mods out there that claim 200W and then only deliver on about 4/6 of that (Sigelei, I’m looking at you).
This mod promises 300W, and it fucking delivers. Not for long, but it does deliver.
Depending on the charge of the batteries, you’ll find that 300W mark easily.
Once the batteries hit around 85% the power will slowly drop, despite the mod still showing 300W on the display.

Taking a step back from the maximum poweroutput, the mod has a few more things on offer.
For one it does temperature control for Ni, Ti, and SS. It also allows you to finetune that temperature control by setting the initial resistance, and even by adjusting the TCoR for your coils.
And while there have been a few issues with the previous mods, I’ve yet to experience my first issue with the Primus in terms of temperature control.
Although I did run into one thing that annoyed me; I had attached a Velocity clone (I didn’t want to risk burning the authentic at 300W) and melted the insulators in about two seconds despite setting the temperature on the SS coils pretty low.
Regardless it wasn’t really the mods fault, but rather the fact that it was a shitty cloned Velocity. Oh well.
The temperature control on the Primus is, much like the one on the H-Priv from Smok, fully adjustable and works fairly precise.
This mod is of course not for the MTL crowd, but rather aimed at people who like their clouds big and dense, even in TC mode.

Comparing the performance of the temperature control with a DNA200 mod, I’ve found that the vape was slightly more aggresive.
The ramp up time is next to nothing but the protection kicks in very fast in all TC modes.
If there’s one tip I can offer you it’s not to use Ni wire with this mod. The fact that it has so much power and ramps up so quickly is really not something you want to be doing with Ni coils.
In fact, if you can I’d stay away from Ni wire all together. Ti and SS will give you a lot more options and a lot better flavor, SS especially since that can be used in powermode too.

Another thing I love about this mod is actually a very simple functionality, a clock.
It has a fucking clock on the display! Yay! No more pulling out the ol’ smartphone (for some of you; that thing you catch Pokemon with) to check the time!
The display in fact resembles the topbar of a smartphone in the sense that it has a similar battery indicator and a clock.
You can’t make calls with it though smokesignals like the native Americans are definitely an option. :wink:


The design of the mod is a bit odd, and has been lovingly nicknamed the cheesegrater.
I agree that it’s not the prettiest mod out there, but it did manage to replace my RX200 without even flinching.
On the side of the device you’ll see the rather big OLED display, which coïncidently can be dimmed quite a bit through the menus.
Just next to the display are the plus and minus buttons, which both have great tactile feedback and zero rattle.
The fact that they’re on the side of the mod sort of irked me at first because I’m used to having the buttons all on the spine of the mod, but eventually I grew used to it.
The spine of the mod has only one button, the firebutton. And it’s a big one that is easy to reach, has great tactile feedback and again zero rattle.
In fact that’s one of the things that this mod had over the RX200, there’s no annoying rattling.

Whether or not you like the look of the device boils down to personal taste of course, I personally think the black version looks quite pretty.
Combine it with the new TFV8 tank and you got yourself a decent all-day-vape.
I’ve found that it’s easier to carry around than the RX200, easier to handle and quite frankly works a whole lot better.
The build quality of this mod is, in my opinion, very good. It’s a mod that won’t be for everyone but it’ll last if you do decide to buy it.

Pros and Cons.


  • 300W is sheer insanity
  • High quality 510 (which was laughable on the RX200)
  • Customisable TCoR and adjustable initial resistance
  • TC works great
  • Batterylife for daaaaays (at least at moderate wattages)
  • Did I mention 300W is insane?


  • Heavy mod to carry around
  • Stainless attracts fingerprints like crazy
  • Battery ribbon is a bit too short
  • No fire delay makes it fire when trying to go into the menu sometimes
  • 300W really is bloody insane

In conclusion.

The Koopor Primus is a beast. A hard hitting, insane, absolutely mad, titchucking monster.
But if you’re not pushing it to its maximum power, the batterylife is an absolute blessing for those of you who need their batteries to last for longer than a day.
The Primus may not be a goodlooking mod in comparison with others, but it performs very well and it doesn’t have much disadvantages besides the weight.
Would I buy another one? Hell yes, though I’d probably go for a black one next time.

In closing I would like to thank Koopor for sending out the Koopor Primus!
Thanks for reading, join me on Friday as I take a look at an 8-bay charger from Gyrfalcon, the ALL-88! Doesn’t always have to be a mod, right? :wink:
(There won’t be a review next week as I’m otherwise occupied.)

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@SirRisc I got the Primus and all i can say is that i love it. I vape on moderate wattage for the most part but when and if i need some serious wattage i can crank it up all the way to 300 if i want to.
I liked the review bro so keep them coming :thumbsup:


Now that’s a manly mans mod.

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I can see why they call it the cheesegrater :grinning:


“Vape and Grate”


“Make America Grate Again”

I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist… :laughing: