Kretek Cigarette

Hi folks,just mixed a recipe trying to replicate the taste of a kretek cigarette (clove cigarette like a gudang garam international) would love some feedback



IIRC @Kinnikinnick has tried to come up with a Kretek juice in the past, maybe he can give you some pointers.
I have summoned him now but he’s a busy man so he might not have the time to chime in.


Thanks a million,i shall wait :slight_smile: cheers from Portugal


That was going to be my first question… location. :wink:

I never really had success at making a good vape with a straight clove flavor; all too acrid (Flavorah) or not true tasting (Flavourart). However, I was suitably impressed with Hangsen’s Black Label (Dijarum) concentrate.

Who are some of the flavor vendors from which you purchase?

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Here in Portugal it’s a bit difficult to find some brands,like hangsen or Flavorah,so most of my flavors are from TFA,CAP,FA,FW and i can find INW if i try really hard :slight_smile: The clove flavor from Atmos Lab really surprised me,once i opened the bottle it smelled just like a fresh pack of kreteks. I also have some Italian flavors from Enjoy Svapo,wich are NET’s and a tobacco classic virginia from TFCC that i ordered from England,but i didn’t get to test them yet,still trying to find my ADV…

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I shall follow this with interest.

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Interested, I have Clove -FA inbound, and have found only 1 recipe. Trying to find something with a more commercial vibe of recipe, (Non-NET tobacco flavors) and I had a good menthol cig flavor, and I recently remembered the taste of cloves.

I know the bestest and the greatest are in here, I think it might be wrapped up in the mixes of

Black Cigar -VZ
Desert Ship
Tuscan Ultimate
Perique Black
Clove -FA
Black Honey - TPA
Western - TPA

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I didn’t mention it earlier, ‘cause folks tend to stray from the house brand ECX flavors (China)… but, 234 Dji Sam Soe was also among the acceptable tasting clove concentrates. My notes:

Finally, a clove liquid which is actually quite vapeable! Modeled after a popular Indonesian clove cigarette, this liquid has a clove high note, licorice middle note and subtle chocolate low note. Mixed at low percentages with other tobaccos and a little something sweet or savory, will prove to be a nice all day vape. Stay below 3% and this liquid will not be cloying or harsh, as some clove flavors can be. I can see this liquid being combined with creams, cinnamon, cardamom or other teas to calm the clove a bit. Mixed at 5% for testing; nice, but lower percentage will be needed.


@Kinnikinnick thanks again, for your ancient wisdom

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These are the best flavors I could find

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So far i am pretty happy with the atmos lab clove, it had a couple of weeks of steeping but the kretek taste is still there :slight_smile: maybe i will try it on a higher % because i like a strong kretek cig… And it might work better with a stronger tobacco since the maxxx from atmos lab is a bit mild. Maybe a strong virginia or burley style flavor… To bad i can’t get flavorah here in Portugal :frowning:

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This is my kretek ciga vape for now :
Storm fa 4 - 5%
Cinnamon spice tpa 0.5 - 1%
Black fire fa 0.25 - 0.5%
When i feel the tobacco is not strong enough, i add western tpa or periue black fa to taste.
It’s still missing something though.

Hey @DarkJester89… lol yes, LadyRed’s… :wink:

try the new one… all Flavorah… I decided to release it today