Kumbaya ELR

Ok, time for a little hug up.

While ELR undergoes some changes, and things get heated here and there, let’s not forget the fact that while some things may divide us, there is always the love for vaping and DIY that unites us. So yeah, changes and rules. We’ll get adjusted. In the meantime, there’s just one rule for this thread. You’ve got to say something nice about someone when you reply to this thread. Tag them when you do. For example -

I love reading @Steampugs reviews! A gif for every occasion! :slight_smile: :hugs:


@Cutlass92 - he may just be a guy, but once you get to know he’s a pretty decent fellow… and will always make me laugh…


Great idea! I am going to start with you @SthrnMixer! I like that you are always honest with me. And, all of the help, advice and friendship you have given me!


In the last couple days i have had some pretty heated discussions. Two are really up front, @Skullblade789 and @mrpipes.

Mister Skullblade, I appreciate your passion and would love to have someone like you have my back. You would make a great real life friend for me as we both love the more colorful side of the language spectrum and have much passion for our friends.

MrPipes, I know things didnt start well nor did they end particularly well but i very much enjoyed your verbal kung-fu, reading it was a joy (i am completely serious) and i grabbed the book to read it again. I feel that you are a valuable member of our community and hope you stick around.

There are so many more people i can say nice things about but people have seen my stupid face enough for the last few days.


Yes, this is good :slight_smile:

Thanks @Jenny1978. I enjoy helping people. But the truth is that so often I’m only passing on things that @Pro_Vapes and @JMak642 taught me.

See what I did there? :stuck_out_tongue:


In that case I would nominate @daath for starting this awesome website and sorry daddy that we’ve disappointed you :woman_facepalming:


Got nothing to say nice about anyone…:disappointed::laughing:


@Steampugs @Lolly @VapeyMama @Sprkslfly @Skullblade789 @woftam @TheTinMan @mjag

Thank you for everything you do for me personally and here on the vape side, you have helped me immensely when I needed it without question, I couldn’t ask for a better bunch of Degens. :hugs:


well…ELR literally changed my life in many many ways and I’m sure I would miss someone if I waffled on about those that have helped me over the last couple of years.
All the degen crew that @Grubby mentioned plus @Kalahariuk, @Mizzz_Z_Hobbit and Bob, such a great bunch of friends whom I love dearly.
Also everyone that has frequently offered their support to the Steamteam reviews, its you that makes all the hard work worth it and I cant thank you enough…which leads me to the next bit, I’d very much like to offer the olive branch to anyone who thinks the ‘2nd wave’ of members were the reason for the downward spiral of ELR, and I hope that last nights debate has proven otherwise, we too stopped frequenting the public pool for exactly the same reasons and I would really love to see this ‘divide’ line blur moving forward. :v::v::wink:


Thank you @Ole_Frederiksen for posting this recipe i am new and this recipe has really helped me out also thanks grant who ever you are lol


Check them out… (They are on a break right now but should be back soon)


You’re way too kind!

There are so many who have helped me, I know I’ll leave someone out. @daath first for making the site. @Sprkslfly for being the very first person to welcome me. @Amy2 for being the first to tell me I wasn’t crazy and directing me to @Joy (I hope I’m tagging the right person). She’s why I still mix flavors in my tank. @VapeyMama, @Steampugs, @Ken_O_Where @JoJo @anon60225325, @TheTinMan,

I’m going to feel horrible for forgetting so many people. There’s really too many to count. We may have our dysfunctions at times but we’re a family. :heart:

P.S. Since I can only tag ten people at a time, watch me cheat. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Robert, that was easy… just look at the names/ID’s/Avatars… we practically all know each other…:wink:


@BoDarc, @worm1 @woftam, @Lolly, @Skullblade789 @Kinnikinnick @Ronni @anon44012888 @Walt_RealFlavors, …

Cheating! Sorry, lol. I know I still missed a TON of people though. :wink:


Wonderful idea for a thread :+1: I truly enjoy looking at @Whiterose0818 fantastic works of art. Also, super happy to see @TheTinMan and @BoyHowdy back around :sparkler:


I love @steampugs for always being around and being incredibly supportive in so many ways. Top bloke.

I love the rest of the degens and feel blessed to have their friendship.

I love @amy2 and @BoyHowdy and @MisterSinner - three people who from the beginning of my ELR journey have been helpful, friendly and approachable. (Edited to add - these aren’t the only people - just the three who stuck in my mind from the early days).

I love @TheTinMan for oh so many reasons.


The staff here, without whom we would slide off the edge into the abyss. The keeper of the forum, Lars, of course, without whom none of us would be here or have that great recipe side of the house that drew us here in the first place.

From Cutlass92, @Molly_Mcghee, @Nappen, and @Jenny1978, people I’m already growing close to, to other people I see daily and appreciate reading, like @mrpipes, @Pro_Vapes, @SthrnMixer, @SessionDrummer @Lolly, and SO many others whom I apologize for missing.

And to @Grubby, @tartarusspawn and members who don’t like me but haven’t said so, which is normal and expected in a public place. I appreciate and value your input, even if you don’t value mine.

I am glad that when the heat is on and things get testy, in the end everyone seems to some together to reach a common happy place that serves us all well and keeps ELR at the top of the mixing forum game.

Thank you all and thank you for letting me speak my peace, however ‘fingernails on the chalkboard’ grating it sounds to some of you.


Aww, I’m loving the huggy lovey stuff! Obvs I love my degens, you all are amazing in your own odd ways and I wouldn’t change a single thing about any of ya. :wink: :hugs:

I love so many of the recipes that @Silhouette @Jazzy_girl and @ADKmac have out there, they suit my palate so perfectly!

I love everyone who takes time to write a review, whether its the Steampugs team, @SmilingOgre for his great videos, or people who only post one review because they won an item, but want to tell us about it!

I love @MysticRose for her amazing flavor notes!

I love so many more people here for so many reasons. This place rocks even when things are rocky.

Lots and lots of love.



I wub you too Vapey, I wub everybody here. Wait, ah, that wasn’t me. That was my evil twin. Ya, that’s right. I’m a Ogre. Grrrr Growl.


Oh my gosh @VapeyMama you just made my day lil Mama!! And ditto back to you!! Your recipes rock and I think you have awesome reviews too :sparkling_heart::heart: