Label Printing (Need Help)

Hey guys. This is my first post… although Ive been reading these forums for about 2 months now, i have to say what an awesome community.

I’m looking into printing labels…

it seems all sites i check out that print color labels want an arm and leg even for large amounts to be printed. any sites you can suggest to me that you use?

this is what Ive been looking at… it seems to be my easiest option for custom design but I’m limited to black and white. -

any advise you can give to printing labels (where to get printed, websites, actual hardware) is greatly appreciated! thanks!


First…welcome to your first post!
When I used to print my labels, I used a color laser jet printer and Avery waterproof vinyl labels. They came out very nice and lasted much longer than the paper labels. Now I just use some tape or labels and a black sharpie marker. It’s faster and I’m lazy.
The DYMO should work fine unless you want to snazz it up a little.


I recently printed my first set of labels and i had know idea what i was doing. I ended up asking one of my friends who is a graphic design student for help and she was able to help me custom design my own label as well as get them printed. Cost was a big concern of mine and from what i could tell most places wanted to charge a bit much… but i ended up going through a pretty big college close by and it was soooo much cheaper. The school i went through prints there own a lot of there own stuff and have there own set up. Cost me about $14 for something like 300 labels. So id recomend calling around and seeing what u can find as far as that goes

My labels consist of scotch tape and a sharpie. LoL. My glass bottles get the fancy addition of a piece of paper behind the scotch tape so I can read what they say. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Same here currently.

I use any sticky back peel off white background material (VCR or 3 1/2 floppy labels) I have laying around. I will mark a 3mm square section with my recipe #. Like #1,#2 etc, . X acto cut two, for safety, marked identifiers,one for the top of cap and bottom of container. Mark with ink pen or B lead 0.7mm. No need for scotch tape because they are so small they rarely fall off. Takes less than a minute.

bought a color laser from a friend for $50. Printed on avery labels.


I have been using the Dymo 450 for a few months now.
The software allows very quick reproduction and editing of previous labels
The “R” number is a reference to my recipe on
Not very pretty but fast and efficient.
These labels are for my own private use and contain all the info I need.
The date can be auto inserted.
I use glass dripper bottles. Used labels peel off easily before I sterilize the bottles for reuse.
This printer suits MY needs perfectly.


I have a Dell 1320C color laser printer. I have made everything from decals to labels on this thing. It will print on the heaviest card stock. I can probably put a pine board through it. Toner is cheap on Amazon and lasts forever. I got it with a PC I bought for $50. I couldn’t be happier. I am a graphic designer in my spare time. So I plan to do something crazy for my labels. Probably the vinyl metallic labels or something. The cool thing is I can print in color on just about any medium.

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Joe, if you dont mind me askig, what Dymo label item # is that? I’m starting to label all my diys with lots of info, I’m hoping to put my Dymo to good use.

these thermal dymo labels will become black when in contact to any heat.
So if you mix, label, and then plan to heat steep your juice like in a crockpot, the labels will come out unreadable

I order from a site called “labels by the sheet” and I buy the water-resistant inject labels.

I print the labels using Apache Open Office Writer.

I keep it simple, just text with the various fonts and color backgrounds and text. Not doing anything with graphics.

Water proof label sheets are about $1 each sheet, but get cheaper if you buy more quantity. It feels like a matte photo style paper.

These are the two styles I use:

Avery Style 5167/8167

Avery style 5160


I’ve been using Avery 5510 Waterproof labels on my color laser printer. The print won’t run and the labels are fairly easy to peel off if you need to re-purpose the bottle for something else. You can also use a gel pen or Sharpie with good results if you want to go old-school.