Lack of Flavour (max VG, 80% VG 20% Strawberry)

Dear all,

I’m from Dubai and new to mixing, I recently bought Bell’s Glycerin B.P. and and Foster Clark’s 28ml strawberry. I’ve mixed it in a 30ml bottle, and it’s a 80% Glycerin and 20% of the strawberry flavour, which means 24ml of Glycerin and 6ml of strawberry flavour, I’ve let it steep for 4 days now but when I tried it there’s no taste, and yes the smell is great, when you exhale and a big cloud in front of you and smells good but there’s no taste to it… any suggestion I’m doing wrong? I want the flavour and taste more, also I read that it’s maybe too much flavour? Maybe I should make it 10% flavour only…


I am not familiar w/ that brand but does sound as if u past the % at which it fades out. Mixing at 10% sounds good but have u asked the company or researched as to a good starting %? Even 10% can be too high depending on the brand. If u cant find a good starting point its best to start real low perhaps even 3% since u can always add and make small batches. You can introduce yourself here:

Good luck to you and welcome aboard.

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Thank you guys for such quick response! I’m Abdullah from Dubai I’ve been vaping for couple of months only and just buying ejuice online but I wanted to try out my own and different flavours as per my taste. Thank you again for your help,

And @worm1 Thank you for that, I’ll give that 3% a try next time, what about 50ml bottle? What % should I put for flavour and regarding your question about me searching for their products I haven’t really done that I was just excited to get mixing and mix everything up xD thank you again for your help!

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I just looked up the flavours and found a pic - i would avoid the coloured ones - i am not sure of any percentages so you may have to do a trial and error starting low as @worm1 suggested.

I would also do a little research as to whether those flavours actually have sugars in them the nutritional information suggests there are carbohydrates in them it does say no sugar but who knows



@woftam thank you for your reply really appreciate it and I guess as it’s mentioned no sugar in it so it’s just a scent than a flavour… I guess I have no choice but to get Capella and all those xD or lemme give it another trial at 3% and how long should I steep before the flavour comes?

Not tasting the strawberry eh? Some people, myself included, struggle to taste that particular flavor. I think it’s a genetic anomaly.

Welcome to the “I can’t taste shit” club! :sunglasses:

$64000 dollar question right there - different flavours take different times - i would make up a few batches at various % then test weekly, sorry cant be of more help - there may well be a bit more info on other sites. I know that flavours can be hard to get in your part of the world. I would suggest using

Or another vendor that doesnt have the word vape or nicotine in their name.

unfortunately i am not familiar with these brands at all… so specially for the quantity of flavor you’re using i can’t suggest you any percentages… as @worm1 from one brand to another flavors % vary, at one could be just 1% at another you might need 5% or even 15%… another thing is that adding MORE (overflavoring) doesn’t means at the same time you will get more flavor but it can happen the exact opposite… getting less flavor than you should, same goes with underflavoring your juices… another thing is in my experience as the VG goes higher it needs more and more steeping time (4 days is just way too soon), so i could suggest you to steep it for a longer time like 15 days to see what’s happening :slight_smile: and keep in mind that DIY is ALWAYS a trial and error, things also come to a personal preference and hardware and setup have a major role too :slight_smile:

@Amorphia thank you for your reply, this forum is really great and great people come up with good response, I guess you’re right as well in that and different flavours vary but let’s see I won’t throw away this just yet and let it steep for more and let’s see hopefully flavour comes and if not by 20th day steeping I’ll just make a new one again xD thank you for your suggestion and I’ll start with low % for next time and see if it will work this time xD thank you again!

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well sir, if you’re able, i would suggest you start you start using if possible to find/buy there you live TPA/TFA, CAP, FW, FA, FLV, INW flavors… (i say if possible because i don’t have a clue if you can find them there you live or if you can buy them from another country without having a problem with customs or whatever… i know almost nothing for dubai :frowning: ) the only reason i am suggesting this is because they’re the most standard flavors worldwide you could buy and you will be able to find feedback from there much easier…

now for your experiment…if you want to stick with that flavor specifically i would try something like this:
making a few 10ml bottles, with like
2% (0,2ml)
3% (0.3ml)
5% (0,5ml)
7% (0.7ml)
10% (1ml) flavor
keep notes for every bottle, let them steep for like 10 days and try them out…this way you will not need to spend much flavor (in this case it’s like 2,7ml in overall)… the only disadvantage is that you will have to wait for it to get steeped… but this method anyway could make it faster without losing much ingredients… :slight_smile:

Haha I guess I have no choice but to order them then xD ill try to get it from some place if it works lucky me, and thank you for your help really appreciate it! I better do the 10ml ones much better since won’t waste resources as well so let’s see then time to hunt 10ml bottles xD thank you again, Sir @Amorphia!

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If you find the % you want you could then make a.larger bottle :slight_smile:

Thank you again brother, I’ve given the 3% trial at a 10ml so let’s see I’ll give it a try tomorrow xD

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