Laisimo L1 200W Who Has It?

Right now I currently run the Sigelei 150TC and was thinking of getting something new and there are a few I’m looking at but would like to know more about the Laisimo L1 200W so if you have/had one or know someone who has/does please let me know the feedback you or they have. Thanks in advance!
Vaporbeast has it, about 97 bucks I think.

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Ecig.Com has them for $60 but I want to make sure it’s a good mod before I jump on it.

Hey Code-Vape…

I have had mine now for a little over two months… it has replaced my Cuboid entirely and my SMOK BT65 has been collecting dust ever since. Here’s why:


  1. The construction on this thing is incredible. Solid, not too heavy (like my Cuboid) and sturdy… all three buttons are solid as they get as well, no rattle or inerrant noise at all. Even the paint/coating doesn’t scratch easily.

  2. Stable firing - little to no delay (from what I can tell for all the use I have given this thing), from my experience it sends the pulse right through.

  3. Battery life - On a Samsung 25R I get roughly (according to the BlueTooth App that connects to my Android phone) 210 long vapes on this thing (on average mind you…)

  4. LCD Screen - definitely cool “ooh aah” factor to make others jealous (even when you can upload your own picture in the screen - not too shabby) and from what I can tell, doesn’t impact the battery life significantly.


  1. Battery door - this is subjective… but it’s WAY too easy to put the door on upside down, which almost fits… until you look at it and want to slap your own forehead.

  2. LCD Screen - Yes, I put it as a Pro as well, hear me out! While it’s cool and all - the description made it seem like there was more that you could do with it, but turns out it’s an image projector - and nothing more.

  3. USB Anti-charging - Sure - I get it, you shouldn’t… but how about that twenty minute ride home from work where you just want to plug it in and get a little more juice out of it until you can replace the batteries? (I know… nit-picky)

Out of 5 points, this thing scores 4, easily…solid, dependable, very attractive on it’s design, gets you noticed as well.

Wholeheartedly recommended, just avoid the eFest batteries, get some solid Samsung’s or Sony’s and you will get a lot out of it.

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Awesome @dwdh586 thanks for the feedback :+1::+1:

I also have one of these. I echo @dwdh586’s comments, although I still use my Cuboid too.

The battery life is phenomenal. With the brown LG HE4’s I can easily get 2.5-3 days of fairly moderate use before thinking about having to charge them. I keep my screen timeout to 10 seconds though. YMMV, though, depending upon how you use the device. $60 is a good price. I paid $72 for mine, when they were around $90 just about everywhere else.

Something that @dwdh586 didn’t mention… when you plug into your PC to update the background image, you can actually use it as a USB flash drive also! I think it has about 1.9 GB of usable storage, IIRC. Just create a new folder, and plop your files in there.

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Holy crap… I didn’t even think of looking into this. Are you serious? That would be so cool as a stealth drive. (I work network security and I wear my white hat frequently).

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Yeah, check it out. It worked on my Macbook Pro when I went to see where the bitmaps for the background pix were located.

I was able to create a new folder, and write other data to it. Actually, now that I think about it, I have a USB virtual COM port driver installed on that Mac, and the mod got recognized as a drive.

In checking the Laisimo web site just now, there is an Windows application used to update the firmware, and wallpaper images. So… YMMV.

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