Laisimo Panda RDTA review by Mjag. Who knew Panda's vape?

Thank you for taking the time to read my review of the Laisimo Panda RDTA that was sent directly from for the purpose of this review. More details can be found here:

If you want to find out really quick my overall conclusion you can scroll down to the Pros and Cons section and Conclusion to save you some time.


  • 25mm diameter
  • 46.5mm high from 510 to drip tip. 43mm high to drip tip not counting 510
  • 4ml capacity (measured just a bit over 4ml verified with syringe)
  • 810 drip tip compatible with inner o’ring for proper fit with friction fit 810 drip tips
  • (4) 3mm adjustable airflow, 2 on each side
  • Velocity style deck with centered fill hole and fill plug

What’s in the box:

Now I was told by Laisimo that the Panda I received was fresh off the production line and there packaging was not yet completed before they sent it to me. I will let you know what I received but it may differ slightly from the production models.

  • (2) replacement o’rings
  • Allen wrench
  • (2) replacement grub screws
  • And of course the Panda RDTA

First impressions

Right out of the box the first thing I did was break it down to give a thorough cleaning, I didn’t get any off smells from it though so looks like they did a good job of cleaning at the factory but habits are habits.

It is put together pretty well and went back together easily. Here is a pic of the build deck and inside top cap after reassembly with the juice fill up plug in place:

With the plug removed to fill up:

The o’rings to hold on the top cap are firm enough to pick up the tank by the top cap without fear of it coming off but not so firm you have trouble removing it. There is also a notch on the top cap and deck used to align the airflow, just put on the top cap and twist with downward pressure until it locks into place, pretty cool.

Top cap notch

Base notch

Now the 510 is NOT hybrid compatible as it is really deep in there, in use though I never had any problem connecting to any mod though and I tried a lot when I saw how recessed the 510 was.

I did find the airflow control to be difficult to adjust as there is no knurling on the top to get a grip. I thought it might loosen over time but that wasn’t the case, the adjust the AFC I had to pull it out, adjust and then push it back down. Since I generally keep my AFC at the same place once I find my sweet spot I did not find it a nuisance but it needs to be mentioned.

The included 810 drip tip is not too tall or too short, I used it most of the time during my review period and it felt comfortable.

Now onto the Panda logo which either you will like or not. For me I thought it was too cute for a macho bastard such as myself. The engraving is done really well and deep, no way to rub that off or sand it down. I am thinking it should also warrant a discount on some delicious Orange Chicken at Panda Express, I didn’t try it but anything that potentially gets me more Orange Chicken is a win in my book.
Sure I got some teasing but then I ripped a huge cload and told them to shut up, me and my Panda are gonna rock out over here and you all can suck it!

The builds and performance

I started off with some SS316L staggered fused claptons from Not that these are my favorite as they are springy as all get out but they do perform well after you bitch and moan from trying to line them up.

Started off vaping with the fill up port in place and was all happy go lucky until I had to refill and grabbed that plug while it was still hot…ouch! That plug also acts as a quasi spit guard so since I generally am not a fan of spit guards I filled up and left it off. Can’t say I missed it and never put it back on with no ill effects after 3 weeks of testing.

The flavor and vapor was good but then decided to try some N80 Alpha Braid coils I had received from Geekvape.

The Alpha Braid are interesting coils, first time using them but ehhhh, wasn’t feeling it so onto the next build.

Since I had just recoiled 3 different RDA’s including my original Goon with the same Quad Core Fused Claptons I decided to use the same build in the Panda to see how it stacks up.

Now were talking, definite flavor increase and to be honest I felt the flavor was every bit as good as my Authentic Goon using the same juice.

This is where I decided to compare why the flavor was as good to the Goon and found a lot of similarities with the top cap.

As you can see the shape is the same but the Panda is actually shorter (please excuse the tarnish on my Goon, trying to get it to match one of my mods)

Both use 3mm round air holes, the goon just has 6 instead of 4 for the Panda but I run my Goon with 2 air holes a side for the best mix of flavor and clouds so that matches the Panda wide open.

The inside of the top caps are nearly the same.

Really the main differences are goon deck vs velocity deck and one is an RDA vs RDTA.

Performance wise I was going back and forth with the same build, same mods using the same settings and couldn’t tell much of a difference at all. That is saying a lot since the Goon is so revered for it’s performance and with good reason.

I must add that the grub screws held firm through all 3 builds, I hate it when companies use cheap grub screws. Not a hint of stripping and I was able to crank down to make a solid connection which is always a good thing.

The fill system

Filling up is easy with unicorn bottle and glass droppers, never had a problem with that and it is one of the easiest RDTA’s to fill up in that regard. The only problem I ran into was with the larger twist top bottles that some companies use like

Here is a pic for reference:

With these larger tops they can’t get past the velocity posts, impossible to use in this so you would have to transfer into another bottle or use a syringe. I know those are uncommon but I wanted to warn those that do use those tips, you will have to use something else.


  • Great flavor
  • Top cap and base have indents so it is super easy to line up your air flow every time
  • 810 drip tip compatible
  • Panda logo deeply engraved and well done (if your into panda’s)
  • Solid build quality
  • Easy to refill with unicorn bottles and glass droppers
  • O’Rings on base makes for easy removal but holds solid
  • Useful included 810 drip tip, didn’t feel the need to replace it


  • Not possible to fill with wide twist cap bottles
  • Oring for AFC too tight with no knurling on top to grip onto
  • Panda Logo (If your not into Panda’s)
  • 510 is too recessed, not even close to hybrid compatible
  • Not sure if it will get me a discount off my meal at Panda Express. Maybe if the server is a cute vaper girl but then she might want my Panda RDTA, she better be really cute…hehe


Now I am not going to say that the Panda RDTA will blow away any other RDTA on the market today. You also have to take into consideration if the Panda logo is for you or not. For me I did get attention for it, from guys it was…hahaha you like Panda’s, I said that’s right punk, you wanna throw down…J/K. From the ladies they thought it was cute and that is who I want attention from anyway…at least when my lady isn’t around…it is ok to window shop as long as you don’t try on the merchandise.

For Panda fan’s the performance of the Panda RDTA won’t leave you wanting, it may not be the biggest cloud chucker but the flavor is fantastic with the right build. If a Panda once stole your book bag then you may harbor resentment towards the Panda RDTA…I feel your pain…but it’s not your fault, let the Panda back into to your cold dead heart and rejoice!

I want to thank Laisimo for sending the Panda RDTA for review. You can find more info on it at there website:

So far I have only found 1 pre-order for $22.99 as of this date here but I am sure more will be coming soon:

If you’d like to check out you can see how the Panda RDTA scored against other vape gear and meet the Steam Pugs team, awesome set of people and excellent reviews.

Here are some more pics on various mods:

Laisimo F4

Laisimo Wyvern 235

SnowWolf Mini Plus

Vaptio N1 Pro

Smoant Battlestar


Another nice review. With the sudden come back of people to the mech world, i am glad u addressed the 510 pin connection issue w/ hybrid tops and included a pic


I am going to mention that to Laisimo so hopefully they have time to correct that problem prior to final production.

Thanks for the compliment, I really appreciate it.


Great review! I’d much rather have a Panda than some demonic dead thing pasted on it. Ok, one exception my favorite biker name of all time is “Dead thing found on road smelling bad”. That fits the occasion.


but if they dont then they and other companies should state so in the info prior to purchase.


Thank you.

Haha, good point, a lot worse things than Panda’s

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True, i will mention that to them as well.

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The Panda is going to be fodder for the save the children from vaping crowd. If I were in charge at Laisimo I would think twice about this tank.

Oh, nice review though.


That is a good point that I hadn’t thought about. They have a good tank, just need to work on the logo.


Great review Mjag. A neat looking piece. Like the fill method and like you I would toss the fill plug.

The etched Panda…hmmm.


Thanks bud.

Yeah, the Panda is where the hmmm comes in for sure

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Great review! Good luck with your attempts at free Panda Express food. :wink:


haha, thanks VM, if I can swing some gift cards out of the deal too I will send you some :wink:




Pretty cool that it appears that they designed the top fill cap for double duty! Just looking at the design leads me to believe that it’s also meant to be an anti-spitback mechanism! Now… Not sure how effective it is in reality, but if my guess is right, I think it’s a brilliant idea as long as it doesn’t affect the flavor (since it messes with the air flow).

EDIT: that’s what I get for commenting as I read… Ah well, at least I wasn’t the only one with the anti-spitback impression! chuckles
Great note about it getting hot! Didn’t even think about that. >< :laughing:

Priceless. :thumbsup:


Haha, thanks bud.

You have to take out the plug with your finger nails too, not fun having a hot piece of metal wedged there. I am too impatient to wait for it to cool off, need my vape asap :grin: