Large batch juice, which mixing techniques is superior!

Hi Folks,

Previously I posted some queries here - My DIY adventure and questions

This is basically a followup question, I created a separate thread since it is more to do with steeping and mixing overall.

Okay, lets start, thanks to the guys(in the other thread), for advising me on mixing my large batch juice using a frother. That advise really helped me, the flavors were not weak at all(in large batch mixing), it only needed a good mix.

Now I wanted to ask you guys the following questions -

  1. does using a frother to mix a large batch like 1 litre, mean that I have slightly steeped the juice due to vigorous mixing methos?

  2. Would Heated Ultrasonic Cleaner bath , give me identical results at mixing as to that of using a frother? I have never used an UC so I dont know.

  3. Does UC steeps a tad bit more than the frother mixing technique or vice versa?

Sorry to be a pain, but you guys are my saviors :smiley:

@CallMeTut @BoDarc @ozo @VapeyMama @Skullblade789

On the UC I think @GPC2012 would be your man on that. Your other questions would also be better be answered by @CallMeTut. I thinks his views would be quite useful, more than mine on this particular issue. Sorry to not be of help here.

Why a either/or. I have used both with good results. Just make sure your flavors aren’t heat sensitive.

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Thanks for the shout out @Skullblade789 but tbh those questions should probably be answered by someone who actually knows what they are talking about lol. But having said that here is my “opinion” for an answer to question 1.
Steeping is allowing the mix to sit and bond, we as mixers tend to use the term in the same breath when we talk about various “speed steeping” techniques, but they really aren’t the same animal… having said that. For what/how we are discussing speeding up the steeping process, then yes @VapingKrakenVK by using a frother or any other process to get the different ingredients to mix in a fashion that will allow the actual steeping process to start you will find the juice to steep quicker, than if you didn’t use a method to mix the juice well.
At least that is my opinion.
There are some members that can better answer these things (such as @Pro_Vapes above) who does make larger batches… and have much more experience mixing at the volume level, sorry I can’t be a defining answer.

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No help here. I use a frother for cappuccino, and a UC for jewelry.

The only [and best] way to BLEND liquids is with a magnetic stirrer for me, no matter what size batch.


if i could like that again i would , completely agree with you