Large Batches: Steep Before or After Bottling?

Any advice on whether to steep larger batches in a large container, or if it’s preferred to fill the small bottles before the steep?
Thanks in advance.

I steep in large bottles but the steep time is longer - so if you want to steep for less time use smaller bottles


Thanks guys. Really appreciate it.
Had seen somewhere else in the forum where someone small-bottled first, then steeped, and was curious if there was a reason, ie quality/consistency.
So it’s really just about time.

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I mix and steep in 4 oz bottles.


Time. 30 days at least for flavors to develop and even longer If using DX or V2 flavors. Add your nic LAST or at the time that you want to use it. If you mix the nic in with the liquid and let it steep, you won’t have much time to use what you made before the nic oxidizes and turns brown.

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Attached is a pic of a base I made over 4 months ago. It has no flavoring, is 75/25 vg/pg, and 7.5mg nicotine strength.
It has no color at all.
Bottle has been opened, shaken, and used many times.


if you mean steeping the PG/VG alone… imho doesn’t matter at all… though i will make a notice… your bottle is transparent… (VG/PG and specially nicotine are light sensitive… specially to sunlight so better get a dark bottle to fill)
another thing that steeping for me refers to flavors and not PG and VG alone…

the way i make my juices (i usually makes batches 300ml up to 800ml) is like this:
adding PG and VG inside a big bottle (no nic included)
warming the bottle (hot bath) so the VG (i make my juices 70/30 and 80/20) for VG to get thinner even if this last for a while…
adding the flavors inside… and last the nicotine…
giving a REALY REALLY good shake (the hot bath i said before helps me in shaking it so flavors go everywhere in the bottle… as you have noticed high vg is harder to shake as it’s very thick, specially if you don’t dilute it with something of your choice to make it thinner like WFI or Vodka or PGA)
after it i place the bottle inside my closet (dark place, away from sunlight and heat)

i steep my juices for like 40days (i don’t find a reason for more, while i don’t see any changes in taste or whatever after it) but in the meantime i give a good shake to the bottle like everyday and voala…

some people prefer other tactics like presteeping the VG/PG (no nic) and flavors and adding just fresh nicotine in the end when they want to start using it… i just don’t do this… maybe because i am too lazy for that or because i don’t find really a good reason to do that…

i also like steeping naturaly my juices… no sonic cleaners, no hot baths from time to time, no nothing… but imho this is one of the reasons i make large batches… for example i will not vape 500ml in a few days or one week… i make 5-6 different recipes and when something goes at half or a lower i place a new fresh bottle for steeping so i have always a well steeped juice to vape when i want :slight_smile:

i hope i helped you :wink:

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Thank you for taking the time to share your method. It is helpful. I especially like the idea of warming the base before adding the flavors. Hadn’t thought of that.
I failed to mention, by the way, that I’m interested in making 1/2 to 1 liter batches now, or even 2 liter batches in the future.
Regarding the pic of my base that I shared above, it was meant to illustrate that nicotine does not darken, at least in my experience.

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