Last night we hit 40k recipes

I wasnt quite quick enough to capture it this time, it was a few minutes after. The site now has 40k+ public view recipes.

Not a great pic, i captured it from after i had it capture the sites main page when we hit 40006. Thanks to everyone who contributes!


Cool! It’s like Netflix - 40K recipes, and can’t find anything to make! :grin:

Just kidding, of course. Though yeah, when I search by my ultra-focused flavor stash, I get ultra focused results, duh.


The best Eliquid Recipes and forum on the web is right here. Thanks to everyone from the admins to mixers.
Every day the site gets better and more user friendly. What else could anyone ask for.
Thanks and happy mixing!!


Thanks to everyone who helps and gives tips! I love this place!


Congrats all, ELR is awesome!


Yeah and you can break the bank trying flavors… good grief! (What fun though, right?) Every recipe, new gamble lol


So true but at least they have other uses. My house always smells like strawberries, yum. Probably why im getting fat, hehe.

I forgot to tag daath, sorry! @daath

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My house looks like a fog bank and smells like Strawberry Peach Mint Menthol and will for about a year because of a terrible mixing accident (Some people here know why):dizzy_face::grimacing:


My Nerdery has smelled like blueberry ever since i broke a bottle of BB (RF) on the floor. Its wonderful!

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See: “Mixing Accident from the Depths of Dark Places” and whatever you do:


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Wow! Awesome!

And we hit 70,000 users as well - total number of recipes (including private) is now over 650,000! :smiley:

I should do a giveaway in celebration, but it will have to wait for a bit :confused:



That is absolutely incredible. I bet that number will double quickly in the next few months with the FDA and TPA regs.


Might be a touch off topic but I’m new around these parts. Is there anyway to weed through the abundance of recipes by searching for the highest rated. I seem to see a lot of first iterations that probably need a bit more time as private recipes. Is it truly a recipe worth sharing if you haven’t steeped it and revised accordingly?

First off, your nick is awesome! And slightly terrifying, thanks. :wink:

If you go to the recipes or do a search, you can click on the “Rating” heading and it will search by highest rated. The rating takes into account a lot of different factors and isn’t just an average of the ‘stars’ a recipe has.

As to the second point, probably not but there’s not really a way to prevent it at this time. And maybe the first iteration was really good? I’ve had a couple of those. Go through a dozen versions just to come back to the first one. LoL.

Thanks, always remember to count your shadows :stuck_out_tongue: Thinking about it, it is wrong of me to judge what makes a good recipe. I think it’s better to provide feedback so everyone can take a second look or be praised. Again after giving it some thought, highest-rated doesn’t always mean a recipe is awesome to everyone. I guess I should finish my coffee before posting lol. Maybe I will release my recipe today that I’m trying real hard to nail down…

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I dunno that it’s wrong…there’s a lot of junk out there and it does sometimes make it hard to figure out what’s worth trying. With so many, you have to narrow it down somehow. I usually stick to recipes by people I know like the same types of things I do. I believe a system to retroactively prevent the reposting of adapted recipes that only change PG/VG or Nic is on the ‘list’ of to-dos. That should help a little.

I think that would most certainly help matters. Maybe making adapted recipes impossible to show as public. Take the ever popular Mustard Milk for example, adapting the recipe to substitute or add additional flavorings makes it a completely new recipe. The same can be said of all recipes. Instead of calling it by the same name, or Mustard milk adapted,what if the mixer needed to publish a new recipe and maybe explain where the inspiration came from. Just a thought. Sorry for hijacking I promise I l’ll stop now.

Along the same lines is the minimum and maximum percentages in the Flavor List. There are some that have a max of 100% or so, and I have to wonder how those clearly bogus submissions affect the average…