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I dont know if its been mentioned elsewhere but it would be nice to see the latest comments made on recipe pages somewhere. Sometimes i find myself just randomly selecting a recipe that has no rating at all only to find 10 posts of discussion going on about a decent recipe. I feel im missing out on something.



I don’t think this exact thing has been mentioned before - but it makes sense! I’ve jotted it down in my list! :smile:


Here’s what I think would be cool…because let’s face it, one simply doesn’t have time to write things down, etc. I think it would be neat to have a bookmark for recipes along with a tag system. Say you stumble upon a recipe you want to refer back to…book mark it, perhaps leave yourself notes that only you can see. Others could be tagged such as to show if you’ve adapted it, commented on it, not interested in it, etc. All the similar naming of liquids does tend to make it cumbersome. Not sure what kind of work would be needed for something like this but it’s a thought perhaps for something in the future.


Noted. We do have bookmarks in the form of favorites (the little heart).


I never noticed that before. It took me a while to find it…old eyes aren’t a sharp as they once were :smile:

So I just tested it and lo and behold, it places favorites on my own page. Outstanding!! Thank you for bringing this to my attention…I will use it a good deal.

How about this…what if I don’t want to make it a favorite but would like to mark it for later review. Is there a way to do that?


Unfortunately not… Adapt or favorite are your only options :slight_smile: You could adapt and change the title to start with RW or something - and mark it private :smile:

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Sounds good. I’m sure as time goes on we users will find a way to make it work. I am very glad to have this resource and find myself spending tons of time here researching ideas, etc.


Because of the title of this thread, I’m just going to leave my thoughts there too.

It seems a lot of people create or adapt a recipe, then make it public without rating or puting comments on it.
This is NOT a complaint to the admin here. Just a request to any user who reads this post… PLEASE, PLEASE,
give us your thoughts about ALL recipes you post as PUBLIC. I’m going to do that every time.
Also, I am rating my own recipes on purpose. So, anyone looking for a recipe can immediately dismiss my own, if
I’ve rated it low, or the opposite. Click it, because I’ve rated it high due to my own preferences.

Does that make sense? PLEASE KEEP any UNTESTED recipes private!

Thank you for consideration on this issue.


Ohhh… another thing.

This IS a suggestion to admin about the listing of recipes pages. You know the little ‘i’ to the right of the recipe name that allows us to see what flavors are in the recipe without actually opening the recipe up?
Yes, that one… .

It would be awesome to have something to the right of of the rating like that which would show how many comments are on the recipe. Very helpful. MOST of the time, I will just skip reading a recipe that has absolutely no comments on it or hasn’t been rated at all.


resurrecting this thread with a relevant question.
is there a quick way to see if someone commented on my recipes? i discover these by coincidence and i’m afraid i would miss them. if someone makes a comment on my recipe i would like to know so i can respond, would be rude not to :slight_smile:
i know there’s email notification - but other than that, is there a way that i may be missing to “check for comments to me”


I get an email notification when someone comments on mine. So far ive got like 2 emails. :laughing:


Hi Dead thread, time to wake up. I need a definitive answer about how to get email notifications when someone comments on my recipe. I get notifications when the people I follow make recipes, but I seem to have been missing comments.