Laura's review for the VooPoo VMATE/ UFORCE T1 kit

I won this from a giveaway and asked to review it. Only honest opinions will be given.

The packaging is pretty standard. Listing the contents, along with a authenticity code and warning label.
This box includes: VMATE 200w, user manual, GENE chip card, warranty card, and a USB cable.
Now, let’s get to the overall look of this device.

Each side stores a battery with a magnetic door. There are little thumbnails to open each side.

5 clicks on. 5 clicks off.

3 clicks to change from wattage to temp control ( compatible with stainless steel, titanium and nickel)

The screen is pretty basic, in wattage mode the display has ohms, voltage and time.
Pressing the up and down button together will bring up a scroll screen

On this screen you will see regular mode, custom mode, lock mode, series number, software version.
In temp mode the screen will display ohms, wattage and time.
Pressing the up/down buttons together will give you a similar 5 option readout.

*Dimensions: 89mm x 47mm x 30mm
*Wattage Output Range: 5-200W
*Output Voltage Range: 0-7.5V
*Resistance Range - Power Mode: 0.05Ω ohm - 3.0Ω ohms
*Resistance Range - TC Mode: 0.05Ω - 1.0Ω ohm
*Temperature Range: 200°-600°F/100°-315°C
*Supports Ni200, Titanium, Stainless Steel Compatibility
*Zinc-Alloy Chassis Construction
*510 Connection

*Reverse battery protection
*Over temp protection
*Output over current protection
*Overcharge protection
*Over discharge protection
*Short circuit protection
*Supports a balanced charge, even with different brands of batteries in each door.

My opinions:
This device is very visually pleasing, the “resin” look is cool but it doesn’t compare to the real thing.
It is lighter than most mods, even with the batteries in it.
The screen is not as simple as the VooPoo drag ( I was enamored with the simplicity of that device), but it is definitely not a brain-buster.
I love the texture of the buttons. The location is weird but I got used to it quickly. They are very clicky but it could present a problem for people who pocket their mods (always lock this one if you do so!)
Again, very standard packaging.

It contains a UFORCE T1, 7 o-rings, a glass tube, 2 coils: UFORCE N1 and UFORCE U2, and a user manual.

The design of this tanks jives well with the mod because they both have that rubber textured detail.

There are 3 airflow holes on the bottom.

It is topfill. To do this, you need to slide the top horizontally to access it.

*8ML capacity
*28×60.5 MM
*0.4ohm U2 Coil (40-80w)
*0.13ohm N1 Mesh Coil (50-100w)
*Stainless steel

My opinions:
This tank is built well. The airflow is a nice meeting place for MTL and DL.
I appreciate the fact that you can switch to a straight tube if bubble glass is not your cup of tea.
The horizontal door to fill the tank is amazing. But, the tiny space to fill it, not so amazing. You have to have level 100+ ninja juice filling skills and you still might spill alittle…
Once it is filled, wow! This has awesome flavor and the coils have minimal break in time. I would place the flavor right in the middle of the Big Baby Beast and the TVF 12 prince.

Together they make a beautiful couple. I do not use this as an on the go mod, only because I don’t think it could live through any ground contact. Otherwise, I give this combo a thumbs up!
And one last thing!
Pre-order this kit here


Great job Laura! Thanks for the good read!!


Thanks! It is my first actual review. Not my half assed, I’m not sure what I’m doing review. I learned a lot from this community though!


Thank you for doing this @Laura5! I love seeing this. If everybody took the time to do an occasional review we would all benefit. Great job. Another device that is no longer a mystery!!!


Appreciate it! Knowledge is power, that’s for sure!


Thanks @Laura5
Been looking at the Vmate for a while and now your review has helped me make my mind up, ordering after typing this.


It’s got its quirks but you won’t be disappointed. You get a lot of value for money with this kit.


Great review @Laura5

Thank you for the effort to do it!


For me it’s exactly the opposite lol
I do appreciate its size and weight when I’m on the move. These days I walk around with a man-bag for my vape stuff so I’m not too worried about dropping it :handbag:


That’s actually a good idea. My mod is in my hand all the time for the most part, one of my boys like to dry fire it…maybe ei need a fanny pack!


That’s awesome! Hope you enjoy it!!


Good review! Very thorough and informative. Not being familiar with the Gene chip I would have liked more pics of the menu system, but great pics nonetheless! :metal:


Great review Laura! thanks for sharing your thoughts :wink:


I will keep that in mind if I have the opportunity to do another! Thanks!


@Laura5 that was a great, detailed combo review. First things first, if you continue to utilize kitty kat backgrounds, I will NOT be able to NOT read any more of your reviews !!!

Great pictures, details, and thoughts. And I always love it when a reviewer adds in a little extra, JUST to let you know they really care about what their review says…

Keep them coming !!!


Oorah @SmilingOgre


Yeah… probably not the best choice. The wood table probably would have sufficed! Thank you, I can appreciate constructive criticism!
Wait a minute. you double negatived on me. I had to re-read that shizz three times before I caught it. You sly :dog2:
I am soon confused now! Ha

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@Laura5 No no, we need MORE kitty kats !!! I love cats, and have a house full of rescues, and loved the review. More of the same please …

I agree. I have 4, all came from various, not so cool situations. Maybe I can get them to pose in the background for the next one! That would be puuurrrrfect!

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Great review, easy and informative read. Something tells me this won’t be your last :slight_smile:
Thanks for the info!