Lawsuit Against The FDA 2018 #FUNDTHESUIT

FYI…Fundraiser for Right To Be Smoke Free Lawsuit against the FDA 2018


Couldn’t agree more with suing. The only real problem I see, seems alot of vapers just don’t have the same passion we do. SMH I’ll never understand how or how dare they reap the benefits of vaping, but won’t take a lousy paper around or sign and contribute themselves. I’ve been advocating for several years on various laws being changed, etc…
For some reason, I’m guessing they don’t believe that there signature makes a difference. Well it does or at least the federal government tells us you lost or you won the case. Truth or not ? Who really knows what the crooks due. But, I’ll take my chance and stand for what I believe in. It’s my constitutional right. So I’m in on this law suit. WTH,Vaping saved my life and you good folks kept a brother encouraged. I owe the industry, I owe for all the other fighters to continue to fight, I owe myself to stand up for vaping and several other issues I believe in. I truely believe if it hadn’t been for DIYing itself, I’d still be using Drugs, I’m a recovering drug addict & DIYing gave me an opportunity to replace what was killing me to something I can see good or not so good results from. DIYing is actually become a Hobby now, that keeps me use my head for something other than a hat rack. Also talked to some other well known folks in the community that are also recovering addicts. It’s all truely turned out to be a huge blessing in disguise. Thank you all !!
Time to read on the lawsuit


Well said. With you 100%. It’s a shame and actually embarrassing, to me at least, that participation and numbers are low any time there is any form of petition, comment period, lawsuit etc. Meanwhile, when there is a giveaway or some sort of “vape drama”…there is no shortage of involvement.


So :100:% agreed. They come out of the woodwork for giveaways, juice begging, Etc…I’ve yet to see anything of the kind on ELR. I’m sure it wouldn’t be taken lightly if it was to be happening here. Alot of the vape communities especially FB is full of drama and all the other BS that goes on. I do not miss it whatsoever.


Done :smile: it wasn’t a lot, but every little bit helps.


I’ve been a Caasa member for some time now and once when our forum was just starting and getting contests up and running I employed a contest idea: To enter the contest you had to participate in Caasa’s current call to action. The FDA assigned numbers to each participant when they completed their statements. That number was your entry to the contest. Several vendors including Origin Vapes and well known juice vendors sweetened the pot with great products. That was a contest well worth the effort and many people pitched in to support it and make it successful.


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Thanks @MisterSinner


I remember when EU vapers were campaigning against the forthcoming TPD . Every online vape shop sported a badge declaring their support for the campaign …all except for. those owned by Big Tobacco (aha) Good way of sorting the sheep from the goats . And made it all-too-freaking obvious where Big Tobacco’s interests and loyalties lie

. Hope you Americans have much better sucess than Europe did. Am gonna throw in a small donation here. This issue is of global importance . We cant afford to let the anti-vaping BS continue to infect every institution everywhere. Vaping saves lives. Fact.


Huh. Is there no way to donate by PayPal? Gotta find my freaking card and accurately copy that very long number out now


Done, all I can afford


I must say I support this, BUT being of a generation a bit older than the reviewers listed above some caution was triggered simply by the video shot of the tattooed bird thrower. I am far from offended and do find it amusing. Using imagery as such to promote a serious endeavor as this to the general public (who control you and I politically) will hurt the support.


Totally agree. It is sad that this type of thing is way to common of an occurrence within the vape community.


These gag orders are really messed up… how can there be a law in a “free civilized” country which bans people from stating facts about something?

I guess it’s all these bloody lawyers…





A You Tube worth watching, basically we need better PR or unified voice, correct representation, that needles thru both sides of the isle, to market the good things vaping does and debunk the opposition.


And being young is no excuse for lacking manners and acting foolish. I know who Vaping Bogan is but there are plenty more professional reviewers I can watch.