Lawsuits Mount Against The FDA Regulations


I hope the lawsuits keep piling up. Thanks for the share


ditto for what @wvsanta just said…and that pic looks like my desk…I have 3 out of 4 of those kanger minis lol


You and me both. As you guys know I have a dim outlook for the future of the Vapor Industry if the regulations are left to stand as published. I’ve made very grim predictions and believe me, this is one of those times I would LOVE to be proven wrong. These lawsuits are IMHO are the one and only thing that has a genuine chance of saving the Vapor Industry as we know it today. These regulations must be proven excessive, unlawful, and harmful to the American Public. Otherwise they’ll regulate and tax it out of existence…


Sue their ass off! I’m hoping that at the bare minimum, a court ordered injunction will be issued until the FDA can prove all the bullshit they’ve been shoveling… If that happens, it’ll be a cold day in hell before any of this crap is law…

…expecting (and preparing) for the worst but hoping for the best…


And here’s another one! :grinning:


The Right to be Smoke-Free Coalition and nine other groups filed a
complaint at the end of June against the FDA, FDA’s Commissioner of Food
and Drugs Robert Califf and Secretary of Health and Human Services Sylvia Burwell.

A federal district court judge in D.C. ordered the case to be consolidated with
another lawsuit challenging the agency rules brought by Nicopure Labs LLC.

Like Nicopure, the groups, which include the
American Vaping Association and the Electronic Vaping Coalition, argue
that the FDA’s rule violates the First Amendment because it bans
companies from passing out free samples, which it claims is a protected
form of non-misleading speech.The groups also claim it was
“unlawful and unreasonable” under the Administrative Procedures Act for
the FDA to include electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS) under the
Tobacco Control Act’s definition of a “tobacco product.”

Be aware, the Right to Be Smokefree Coalition and the Nicopure lawsuits have been combined…