Lb-501 scale (10yr waranty)

Well I think the DIY community will all agree that this is a very good scale… took a little getting used to when I switched from volume to weight but even I am happy with the LB-501.

But what happens when things head south…

Like most I was upset specially since I felt like having a long mixing weekend… was going to order another one until I realized it has a 10yr waranty…

So I reached out to the vendor I ordered from…and received this response

Well this morning I called says they open at 9am but didn’t get anyone until 10:30 . The answering machine said press 1 for waranty. Which I did. voice mall was full…

When I did reach someone I was told I need to email the waranty department and was given a email . Since I was in my truck and had nothing to write with I asked if she could email the information…

6-18-18 When I got home I emailed the waranty department. And waiting their response.

Will update this post later, when I get a response back

6-19-18 received this from AWS

So I sent them the screenshot of my amazon order again and contact information


@tartarusspawn They should just send you a new one as they likely only cost 1$. The trick is telling you to send back your old one and wait 6 weeks. Not worth the postage or the wait… but if you just wrap the scale and power supply in a couple layers of bubblewrap and ship it in a mylar bag you may be able to stay under the 16oz limit of USPS First Class mail and ship it for under $4 …say you don’t have the original box. Best of luck. Watching this space!

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Wishing you the best of luck and will follow. If more folks follow, perhaps the vendor will abide by the warranty.
Your case is a good example which shows that having a back up scale or a supply of syringes is a good idea.
You might also pay a little bit more and have the vendor sign for the returned scale package (proof of receipt).


I never understood the cult following for these scales when cheaper options exist. And the bowl is not that useful. I’ll take a plate anytime

Amazon is not being very good to you, maybe you bought from seller rather than them directly?
What I normally get from them is “We have sent a replacement already, please return the old one with the -return method of the week- within a week at our cost”


Received this from AWS

So I sent them the screen shot of my amazon order again and my contact information