Leaky Squonk Bottle

Continuing the discussion from Good Deals 2019!:

Leaky squonk bottle issues? :thinking: Perhaps some folks can offer fixes they’ve found or suitable replacement bottles for various squonk mods which don’t leak?

For example, I have found that the Asmodus Luna squonk bottle leaks/weeps around the area where the bottle is attached to the metal tube cap.

I haven’t found a solution to this issue so far. I’ve thought about applying silicone to the leaky area, but haven’t made it that far yet.

@Rob62 says the squonk bottle for the Boxer BF will work as a replacement bottle for the Asmodus Luna bottle. I can see why it’s a better fix for my issue!

The Boxer BF silicone bottle actually meets with the screw cap of the bottle! Looks like I might be buying another bottle or two from these guys:

Anyway… tips and tricks are welcome, should there be other solutions to leaky bottle issues.


I have 3 luna Squonker’s…i had seen about the leak some bottles have…so what i did was take off the ring off the bottle…put a small bead of silicone automotive gasket seal in the grove on the bottle…no more leks…funny…i had one that leaked an rest dont…go figure…but silicone will stop it…i bet even a bead where the metal and bottle meet will work,I have other squonkers that the bottle leaks also…U guess pulling them out will eventualy make em leak who knows…but the silicone fixed it for me…and now I fill thru the 510 so bottle gets less handling…

hope this helps